Sunday, January 10, 2010

Surprises in the Mail!

Look what the mail lady had for me today!


Melinda Fulkerson  sent me this cute little pin cushion.  (Sorry the picture is dark- the background is actually white).  She sent them to several of her blog followers and also made extras for gifts.  She says she's made about 40 so far.  Thank you SOOOO much, Melinda!  I'll take it to my sewing area and fill it with pins!


Melinda has a great blog.  She recently posted a tutorial for a nice tissue holder.  Check it out!

As if that wasn't enough fun for one day, I got a package from Micki at Irish Muses.  I won Micki's Irish Christmas giveaway a few weeks back.Micki has been doing some nice posts about paper piecing lately.  Check it out!

She sent a little Irish doll (which is destined for my cousin's daughter in New Jersey), a wonderful Irish Quilting magazine (which I'm half way through), and my (now) favorite new Christmas decoration- a Beleek China Santa candle holder.  I'm not even sure if I'm going to put him away with the Christmas decorations yet.

Then there was the chocolate.  Mmmmmm.  In the US, commercially sold food has to have nutrition content printed on the package.  I looked over the packaging of this wonderful Irish chocolate.  I couldn't find a calorie content anywhere.  So--- I have to assume that it has no calories!  Thanks so much for the indulgence, Micki!

And finally- a good laugh.  These are "odd Irish socks".  Funny!  I have a box in my closet with holiday clothes- heart socks for Valentine's Day, a shirt with pumpkins on it for the fall, Christmas clothing, etc.  These will make it into that box, and will be my St. Patrick's Day socks.

I am a new sock knitter and I've looked at a lot of blogs of sock knitters.  Funny how bloggers take pictures of socks on their own feet rather than asking someone else to take the picture.  They always look "upside down".  And because of the perspective, the legs always look bigger than the feet.... not very flattering.

It's been nice to get to know Micki.  We learned through our correspondence that we both grew up in Philadelphia and lived parallel lives without meeting until now.  I love the package of goodies, but my new friend, Micki, is even a better gift.

Thanks Micki and Melinda!  You made my day!


Barb said...

What fun stuff in the mail.....

Micki is a wonderful person and she sure sent some fun stuff!!

love the pin cushion too.

Sue said...

Yes, Barb- I'm enjoying getting to "know" Micki. Isn't it amazing how we build a network of boggers with similar interests.... all following each others' blog.

Maria said...

What lovely gifts. Such a cute pin cushion.
Yes I loved those socks when I saw them on Micki's
It is lovely getting to know lots of blogging folk.

mrh191 said...

Your niece would be excited by a surprise in the mail... Hint hint :)

Sue said...

It's already on its way Mel....

Micki said...

So glad that you loved all of the gifts Sue. As to the calories, they were not on the box so as not to shock you.LOL...Just kidding....I eat the Butlers and don't worry about the calories, as it is just so tasty. I am so happy that we are friends now too!

mrh191 said...

Thanks for the surprise - I'm so excited! I've been looking forward to it! Also, your socks are fabulous!

VerrySherry said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks for mentioning us, here at Irish Quilting! We know and love Micki too! We'd like to thank you for mentioning us in your blog-so send me your snail mail address and I'll send the latest Irish Quilting magazine to you! thanks and have a good day!