Saturday, February 13, 2010

Technical difficulties

OK.  I'm generally not terribly technically challenged.  I'm no Geek, but I'm not tech-phobic, either.  I do OK.   But this one has me baffled.  I inadvertently blocked all photos from my blog.  I then "unblocked" them.  The photos on my posts came back. (Whew!)  But the photos of most of the followers are gone.  As far as I can tell, the followers are still there- just most of the photos are gone.  If anyone has any clue what I did-- or how to undo it-- please let me know.

But honestly- it had nothing to do with me not wanting your photos on my follower list!!!!  I love your smiling faces!!!!


Kath said...

I think you fixed it, all but 36 of us have our pics there.

SheilaC said...

I can see your follower pics too!!!

Glad your DH is making progress... Keep up the positive thinking and thoughts, even though I know it can be difficult :)


quiltmom said...

Hi Sue, Nice to see that your hubby is improving- hope that he recovers quickly.

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Barb said...

DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh, you are asking the wrong person....I am like you...I make out okay but that is about it...hope you get the problem resolved!!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I do see the photos of your followers. Did they come back? Or are they just certain ones that went away?

SewCalGal said...

Sorry...this may be cruel, but LOL. These little scares in blogland are truly nervewracking. All looks good on my end. And I still picked up your post via Google Reader.


QuiltSue said...

I don't think it's anything you did. A couple of weeks ago that happened to me too: one day they were there, the next there they weren't. I left it overnight, and next morning they were all present and correct again! One of my friends said it was cos they'd all gone out together somewhere for coffee and to talk about me!

Rosa Robichaud said...


Gotcha on my favorite blog sites 'cause I got a feelin' I'm gonna LOVE readin' your blog! *still grinning*

Showed MY hubby what happened to YOUR hubby and we were both mortified! My hubby said, "I'll admit it - I'm terrified of table saws!"

And that's why he doesn't own one. Mind you, you could probably hurt yourself with a butter knife, also.. but I digress.

Anyhow, once again, thanks for adding my name to your contest!


prashant said...

I can see your follower pics too!!!

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