Monday, August 23, 2010

Facebook, Our Anniversary Trip, a Safety Tip, and an Owie

Ahhh.... where to start.....
I haven't blogged in a few weeks.  Well... I did have a few posts in there that I removed.  I've learned a LOT about Facebook lately!  It seems that FB absolutely, positively doesn't want you to register with more than one email address.  I had a personal FB account with my personal email address.  Then I created a FB account for my business with my business email and attached a fan page to it.  Not good.  What I SHOULD have done is to create a fan page that I log onto with my personal email address.  It's then ok to put my business email address and other stuff related to the business on the fan page.  People who "frined" my personal FB page aren't automatically "Fans" of the business and vise verse.  So.... since I messed this up... the logical thing is to delete the page I created for the business, and create another one the correct way- right?  Not so easy.  You can delete an account on FB, but when you log onto FB in any shape or form... even to "like" something.... your account reactivates.  If I even look at the Alderwood Quilts Fan Page, my AQ account that I'm trying to delete reactivates.  The only way to make a page go away for good is to delete it and then to TOTALLY stay away from FB for 2 weeks.  So.... I deleted the business page and fan page (basically, I deleted my identity with the business email address).  When 2 weeks pass, I'll get back on and try to create a business fan page with my personal email address.  Wish me luck!  To all of you who have become fans- hang in there- I'll be posting in a few weeks!

DH and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary last week.  We met in high school (awwww.....) and married 5 years later.  We always like to do something for our anniversary.... just take a little time to set aside the cares of our lives and focus on each other.  Usually it's just a day trip or a night or 2 away.  This year, we went to Washington- around the Seattle area.  That's about a 3-4 hr drive north from our home near Portland, Oregon.  We stayed in Everett, and did some touristy things.  We took one day to explore Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands.  There are a lot of islands just off Seattle and the surrounding areas.  Some belong to Washington and some are Canadian.  Most are easily accessible by ferry.  I'm just a little kid around water, boats and ferries.  I just love ferry rides!

The islands all have their own flavor.  Some are mostly residential, some recreational, and some have a lot of shopping and art.  The US/ Canadian border weaves through the islands and there are 2 ferry lines- one Canadian and one Washington State Ferries.  All of the ferries we've been on over the years gave us great rides and got us to our destination. 

Whidbey Island has it all- residential, recreation, and shopping!  As luck would have it, there was an Art and Craft Fair in one of the little towns while we were there. AND... there was a very cute yarn shop in Langley where I got a beautiful skein of sock yarn (you'll see that when I start a pair of socks with it).  I tried to visit the quilt shop, but got there right after closing time.  Dang!

We drove all the way up Whidbey Island and over a bridge with AMAZING views to Fidalgo Island.  While on Fidalgo, we had lunch at the Rockfish Grill and Anacordes Brewing Company in Anacordes.  They had a great yarn shop, too!  (Like how I always manage to find the yarn and quilt shops?)

Above is a lighthouse park near the ferry at Mukilteo.  We also spent an evening walking the waterfront at Mukilteo (near Everett).  We had a fun dinner at Skuttelbut--- another brewery.  For those of you not familiar with the Pacific Northwest, we are famous for coffee shops, wineries and breweries.  We have beverages covered!

We spent our last day touring the Boeing Airplane Factory.  OHMYGOSH!  It was incredible.  It's the largest enclosed building in North America.  It has to be big to hold a bunch of airplanes!  No pictures.  We couldn't bring handbags, backpacks, fanny packs, cell phones, cameras, or ANYTHING electronic... nothing that could record anything.  All I can say is that, if you are ever in the area, set some time aside to tour Boeing.  There are 2 facilities- one in Everett and one in Seattle, and during most of the year you need to make reservations online in advance.

Now for the safety tip.  If you'll notice, I never tell you about major events or trips until we're home.  It seems to me that posting it on the internet that you are going away for 3 days is like putting a key under the mat and advertising for a burglar on Craig's List.  You always hear in the news about people being robbed while on their honeymoon or when they are at a family funeral.  It's just not safe to say some things on a blog until after they happen.  At the very least- if you are excited and want to post about a trip you are planning, just say it's coming up but don't post the dates.  One time, I read a post where a woman said her dog is good when they leave him alone every day, all day, while they are at work.  Please don't post things like that!  I don't want to read about bad things happening to you!

And last but not least- I have an owie.  That's why I haven't posted in a few days.  I had some minor surgery last week.  I'm fine.  Nothing bad.  I am tired and sore, but I'm feeling better every day.  DH is taking VERY good care of me.  I've been napping and knitting and enjoying visits from my sons and DIL.  Life is good. :-)


MoeWest said...

Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 39th this month. Your safety tip about posting is a good reminder to be careful with personal information.

Judy C said...

Happy Anniversary, looks like you had a great trip.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful trip. I love that area to visit. Happy anniversary to you two.

You are very wise to write about the security issues. I always wonder why people post about trips and schedules before they go. No one can be too safe.

WoolenSails said...

Happy Anniversary and what a wonderful way to spend time together. Doing something you both can enjoy.
I hope you feel better soon.


Sue said...

MoeWest- Happy Anniversary to you , too!

Thanks to all for the anniversary wishes. I've been blessed with a good life and the love of a good man.

Gerry said...

This is my first time with FB also.
Have been on it for almost a month and still don't know what's happening.
I think blogging is my thing not FB or Twitter.
Thanks for the ride-along on your vacation. Loved it all.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

quiltmom said...

It sounds like a fabulous trip - We went away for 4 days to the mountains. It was so beautiful there and quite peaceful. We went to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary (early as our anniversary is the day after Christmas)
Your lavender is gorgeous- I bet it smells fantastic.
Many years ago we went to Europe and we were on a tour. There was a couple of Whidby Island and they talked lots about the beauty of the islands etc.
Happy Anniversary to you and your beloved.
Warmest regards,

Fleurette said...

Happy Aniversary! sounds like you had a wonderful trip, I enjoyed the photo's. Hope you are feeling much better today!

SheilaC said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you feel better soon


Micki said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounded like a perfect trip!

Judy S. said...

A belated Happy Anniversary! (Yours must be quite close to ours.)Next time you're up this way, give me a call and we can meet for coffee or something! My DH used to work at Boeing, and you're right that is a great tour. Another friend has been raving about the yarnshop in Langley...gotta go there! Hope you're feeling much better.