Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Road Trip

Yesterday I did a rather long post on internet safety and email privacy.  I expected people to yawn an move on.  Not so!  I got a lot of comments- looks like I hit some nerves!

 I did promise a fun post today.  Yesterday I said that people should post on blogs and FB about vacations AFTER they return (or tell that they are upcoming but not say WHEN they are going).  It's just not safe to post to the world that your house will be empty!

So... following my own advise... here's a post about the trip DH and I took last week.  Our oldest son and his lovely wife moved to Utah last January.  They visited us here in August, but we had not yet been to see them.  We opted to drive the 1600 mile round trip because we enjoy road trips and DH doesn't particularly enjoy airports and such.

I showed the quilt I made for my son yesterday, but I didn't mention that I named the quilt. "Road Trip".

The drive from the Portland area to the Salt Lake area is about 800 miles each way.  I neglected to take many photos of the drive there, but the scenery was beautiful.  I focused on visiting the kids, but never really thought about the fact that we would see the autumn foliage in some rugged mountain areas.  How stunning!  I especially like to see the colors of the deciduous trees contrasted by the deep green evergreen trees.  We have a lot of that in the Northwest.

DH and I grew up in Philadelphia.  While we love living in the Northwest, we do miss those Philly cheesesteaks!  My DIL found this little place is Salt Lake City that serves amazing cheese steak sandwiches!  It's called Moochies (I think I spelled that right).  They even had Tasty Cakes!

This was taken on the deck of a friend's house.  We had our dog.  DS and DDIL have a dog.  The friend has a dog.  Friend's mom was away and her dog was at the friend's house.  I tried to get a photo of the 4 dogs but all I managed to get was dog butts and people feet.

We went to visit the copper mine just outside the city.  WOW!  I never knew how much I didn't know about copper!  It's hard to describe the massiveness of this operation.  This tire gives you an idea of how large the trucks are that carry the material out of the pit to be processed.  (Don't you know every guy who visits has to pose in front of the tire?)

This is the pit they are currently mining.  I felt like I was gazing into the Grand Canyon!

Another shot of the mining operation- slightly to the side of the main pit.  The rock is crushed and travels many miles to be processed.  Then it is returned and taken to the top of the mountain and dumped over the side- creating a "new mountain".  Amazing!

Another restaurant!  We spend one day driving up to Park City.  We started the morning at this cute diner, which was originally a railroad dining car- build onto in many directions to enlarge the restaurant.  I had the most wonderful breakfast! It was an omelet with asparagus, tomatoes, onions, and Munster cheese.  Accompanied by incredible potatoes and biscuits.  

We visited the Olympic Village in Park City.

This is a luge course (I think).  Looks a little different without the snow!

 Cady gets gold, Paul and Wayne take silver and bronze!

Ski jumps sans snow.

View overlooking the valley from the ski jump area.  Is this fall color just the most gorgeous picture?!?  It almost didn't look real.

So where does a ski jumper jump when there isn't any snow?  Into a pool of water, of course! 

You can actually pay to do this- if you're crazy enough.

The next day took us to the Bonneville Salt Flats.  This may look like snow, but it's SALT!

The sign is information about the speedway.  Crazy people drive on this stuff.  My son did it. It's long and flat and straight and people drive fast and grunt about it.   Enough about that.

Here we are at a road stop.  There had been some rain, which evidently sits on top of the salt.

Lots of salt.

 More salt.

I was glad we went because it was amazing to see.  But it was just salt.  And more salt.  And more salt.  And you had to rinse off the tires and your shoes-- salt can do nasty things.  And my lips tasted like salt from the air.  Ick.

In the car--- long drive---- this is not a good picture of DIL Cady (sorry, Cady!)  but I thought it was cute of their dog, Cooper. "Are we there, yet?"

Another restaurant!  This was outside of the Mayan Adventure.  It's like being in an Indiana Jones movie with dark rooms, rock walls, and cliff divers.

I took a lot of photos of the cliff divers, but didn't think you'd be interested in blurry blobs with dark backgrounds.  Some things just don't photograph well.  Fun night, though.

Farewell for now.... we'll be back!  Thanks for a wonderful time, Paul and Cady- love you guys!!!


Denise :) said...

Looks like you all had a marvelous time -- you certainly did take in your share of incredible views! That one shot, looking down into the mine, left me feeling rather dizzy! LOL! :)

Stray Stitches said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip!! Thanks for sharing :)

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like an awesome road trip. We have been to the Olympic venues- when it was nearly completed before the Olympics. I remember that ski jump and thought "NO WAY" would I be able to do that.

Loved the changing leaves on the drive too.

Becky said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I've been to Park City and SLC, but never spent more than an hour or 2 in either place! Looks like fun!!