Thursday, April 5, 2012

Atkinson Designs Quilts

For this month's giveaway, I offered an extra entry if readers sent me a photo of a quilt they made from a Terry Atkinson pattern.  I thought I'd share some with you- thanks to all who sent pics!  This runs the whole month, so please send more!

Thanks to all who have entered the giveaway.  I have your entries!

Leah from South Carolina send me this picture of her Slideshow quilt.  CUTE!  I love it in the soft colors.  You can see her other great quilts on her blog, Quilted Delights.  She recently wrote a good post on paper piecing, too.

Cassie from Nebraska sent this photo in.  She calls it Madeline's 100 Good Wishes Quilt.  Cassie used the Slide Show pattern for inspiration and modified it a bit to use the fabrics she had.  You can read about it HERE on her blog.  Nice, Cassie!

Rebecca sent me this picture of a quilt she made for her daughter using the Lucky Stars pattern.  I've made three quilts from this pattern myself- it's one of my favorites!  The stars "float" so the seam matching is minimal.  Rebecca's blog can be found HERE.

Jocelyn, AKA the Happy Cottage Quilter, sent me a photo of her Yellow Brick Road.  I've made a few of these, too.  YBR seems to be a "go to" pattern for a lot of quilters who want a quick, cute, functional quilt.

Julie O. sent photos of 3 Atkinson Designs quilts:
 I love how she used fabric photo transfers to replace some of the blocks in this Yellow Brick Road quilt!
 All About Me is a very popular pattern.  So FUN!
Here is Julie's Tile Tango.  Love it!
Thanks for the picks, Julie.

 Thanks, again, to all who sent pictures.  Your quilts are all treasures!   Keep them coming!  Just a reminder that I have 16 of Atkinson Designs patterns on my website and they are all on sale throughout April.


PNWBookGirl said...

Pretty quilts! You're hoping the "sail" out the door during your "sale"? ;-)

Sorry couldn't resist!