Friday, November 7, 2008

Welcome to the Alderwood Quilts BLOG!

WOW! A BLOG! How exciting! I've wanted to start a blog for a long time and this is my first post. One of my favorite things to do is chat with customers on the phone or email. I've even been lucky enough to meet a few in person. When a customer wrote to me to tell me she liked a quilt made by another customer that I posted in the "Gallery" section of my website, I realized that I HAD to get a blog going so this chatting can go public. I'll still be putting photos on my website in the Gallery, but we can put even more photos on here- and you can all comment on them.

There's a lot going on around here this fall. Wayne and I traveled to 2 shows and set up Alderwood Quilts booths in their vending area. It was SOOOOO fun! I got to talk to customers all day! I showed them new things, gave them tips, and learned when they shared ideas with me. If you have ideas of shows that would be good for us to vend at, please let me know. For now, I'd like to stick to the Pacific Northwest.... mainly in the Portland area.

The first show we vended at was in Hillsboro, OR at the First Baptist Church. The ladies there are so nice, and they do a lot of charity quilts- loving gifts to those who would benefit by their talents. They showed quilts in the church sanctuary, draped over the pews. VERY cool!

We also vended at the Santiam Scrapper's Quilt Guild show in Lebanon, OR. The quilts were amazing, and I even ran into some friends there that I didn't even know lived in the area! I made new friends among the other vendors and I hope to have an ongoing relationship with this wonderful guild. One of the highlights was the "Quilt Cozy" they made for guild president Peggy Christopherson's van! I'm not kidding- they took orphan blocks and stitched them together to cover Peggy's van. You haven't lived until you've seen a custom car quilt! The guild in Birmingham, AL also has a car cozy. I have photos of both of these cars in my gallery- are there more out there that you know of? Let me see them!

Today, I'm getting the November newsletter ready to send out. If you haven't signed up to receive it, you can do that on the website. Click on the "For You" tab and select "Newsletter".

I'll be posting often. Let me hear from you and lets get some ideas flowing!



dianebohan said...

Hi Sue, the blog looks great, the car cozy is just precious.