Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cooper- the new grandpuppy

I can't believe how many people commented or sent me emails about the puppy! I've had tons of requests for more pictures. This one is Cooper with his "mom"- my daughter-in-law, Cady.
Here's Cooper with his "Daddy"- my son, Paul.
Cooper is a real climber. He just climbs up and over everything.
Dreaming of shooting hoops when he gets bigger. :-)

I have photos of the other pets in our family on my website. There is a photo gallery on there that has pictures of my other granddogs, and my grandkitties as well as our own dog. I need to get Cooper in the gallery.

We had Cooper here with us for a few nights while Cady and Paul took a little vacation. What a smart puppy! Our golden retriever, Jaeger, is a little less than impressed. Cooper likes to chase him around and bite his ankles.


~Q~ said...

So precious!!! Cooper's a cutie patootie, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing pics of him. Puppies are wonderful and even more so when they are someone else's to raise. :) Been there, done that and ready for a break. LOL

Sue said...

Our female yellow lab (Charli) is 5 now..oh, how I long for those early puppy days! They are just so cute and so much fun when they're discovering the world...Thanks for sharing.