Sunday, March 15, 2009

The last 2 cakes.

My cake decorating class has come to an end. I took a cake decorating class with my daughter-in-law for the last 6 weeks. Here are my last 2 cakes. The purple cake was my favorite. It's chocolate and filled with raspberry filling. Check out the "stippling" on the top. In the cake decorating world they call it "Cornelie's Lace" (not sure I spelled that right). Nobody else in the class had a clue what stippling was, or why I caught onto it so fast. I also "stippled" the sides of the top layer of the tiered cake.

This thing was HUGE! The bottom is (2) 12 inch layers. Each layer was a whole cake mix. The top (2) layers were another cake mix. Each layer was split and filled, so the bottom is 4 layers and the top is 4 layers. The bottom is half chocolate and half white, which raspberry filling between all 4 layers. The top is lemon cake with lemon filling between all 4 layers. The decorations are a little over the top. I kept trying techniques so I could learn. Every time the instructor told us about another decorative design, I looked for a spot on my cake to try it. :-)

Cakes for 6 weeks! My freezer if full of cake! I don't feel like making another cake for a while! It was fun, though, and I learned a lot. And the best part was spending time with my daughter-in-law. I will think of her whenever I make a cake from now on!


Diane's quilting said...

Thanks for sharing the cakes with your friends in the Group Therapy Bowling league, we loved them!

crazyskipper said...

wow... i'd take a slice or two of the top one. it's pretty and filled with my favorite flavors!

Lisalou said...

Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Love your cakes Sue. I took a similar class back in the early
80's and I only occasionally make cakes now but I use the "hand control" I learned in all my other art work.