Friday, July 17, 2009

Lavender Creme Brulee

I found this wonderful recipe here. What a nice dessert! If you've never made creme brulee before, you really should give it a try. Don't be afraid of it- it's not difficult. It's not exactly a health food, but once in a while, it's a great treat.

If you want a lighter (lighter on the lavender) version, just make the creme brulee without adding the lavender. Then, use lavender sugar for the top. Be sure to flame the sugar at the last minute. Have the little ramekins with the custard nice and cold in the fridge. Then put sugar on top, roll it around, and knock off the excess. If you have one of those cute little kitchen flame thingies, they work best. You can also put it under the broiler for a short time, or use a butane torch. This is a fun and elegant dessert- and NOT as hard as you might think!