Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lavender Sugar, Plan-B

Well... nothing like a blooper on live TV! Or make that, a blooper on a blog! So.... we learn together!

I have often made lavender sugar, vanilla bean sugar, and other flavors. Never had a problem. So what happens? I blog about putting a few lavender sprigs in a container of sugar. When I've done this before, I used dried lavender. But THIS time, I use fresh lavender. I tell you it's a good idea. Wrong. New plan.... don't put anything with a high moisture content in the sugar and seal it up. Look closely at the above photos.... the sugar crystallized on the lavender. There is moisture and little wet, sugary blops on the lavender. I caught this in time. There aren't any growies on there. I'm just going to take the wet lavender out and let the lid off for a day and see what happens.

From now on--- I'll use dried lavender in sugar to make lavender-flavored sugar.


The Rabbit Factory said...

I plan on making some "Lavender Sugar" and adding it to top some icing for sugar cookies. Hope it works out...will be great for an afternoon tea.

Sue said...

To top cookies, you could use that course crystal sugar- or sanding sugar- and put dried lavender in with it to flavor it. OR... you could get purple sanding sugar from a cake supply place and put that in with some dried lavender for a while. Sounds yummy!

By the way- I just discovered the Rabbit Factory blog. I enjoyed reading it. I have one RF pattern (Licorice Allsorts) on my website but I am now thinking of doing a category for RF and populating it with an assortment of your patterns. There were several I really liked. I already have 2 of your patterns on my very long "to do" list. :-)