Thursday, July 29, 2010

No-Reply Bloggers

I just saw a link to this great tutorial (thanks, Robin) and wanted to share it with you.  It has nothing to do with lavender- I just wanted you to see what 20 bundles of lavender looks like.  :-)

I try (TRY) to reply to everyone who comments.  I've been bad this month, but I generally try.  I'm always so sad when I hit the reply button in my email and the address shows up as "noreply-blogger".  I've always thought that people wanted their privacy and I respected that and left it go.  But I've learned over time that many of the no-reply bloggers don't realize that they have their accounts set that way.

IF you AREN'T trying to fly under the radar and want to be sure you can receive replies (or if you're wondering why nobody every sends you replies)..... check out this tutorial on how to get your account set so that others can communicate with you.

Privacy is good, and I'm really glad we all have options to set our accounts the way we choose.

Just FYI--- if you haven't gotten replies from me lately, it's probably because I'm lavender-logged.  Want to test if you can get replies?  Comment on THIS post and I PROMISE to reply within 24 hrs.  No reply from me?  Check your settings.

Tutorial.... thanks to Sweet Simplicity


QuiltSue said...

I can almost smell the lavender from here.

This is just a comment, don't worry about replying when you are so busy.

Rosa Robichaud said...

Okay... you don't need to reply to mine, either...

Just wanted to tell you that you and your picture have made me decide to buy my Mom a couple lavendar plants.

when's the best time to buy and/or plant them? Any special tips? Soil requirements?

Gosh, I guess you'll need to reply to my email, if I'm to get replies to my questions! LOL

Yes, I could probably get my replies on the net, but it's always better, IMHO, to get it from a "real" person. *grin*


Rosa Robichaud
Saint John, New Brunswick

Colleen's Blog Long Island NY said...

Wow, you look like you are over run with Lavender. I did try growing some from seed. Out of the whole package of seed, I got 1 plant. My husband says I have a Black Thumb. Yours is very Green.

PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

Testing testing. Your lavendar look great my mom is always saying I should have a lavender farm as I live in TX and have 8 acres and just a couple hours from here In Blanco that is what they grow. Is growing lavender hard? I tend to have a brown thumb.

Sandy said...

I'm wearing some lavender cream my son sent from is wonderful! Your fields are beautiful, I know you are "at work" but it looks like heaven! His finacee is making your lavender lemon bars for her next book club meet. Your house must smell sooooooo lovely, Sandy

soggibottom said...

I'm not great at replying to all that I should, so if I never get replies to my comments I never worry.... I do however want to lie in a lavender field and think I am in heaven.

Linda said...

OH MY GOSH!! Your Lavender is heavenly. It is so lush and thick. I can smell it all the way to Canada. Maybe someday I will reap from my two plants.

Gene Black said...

I was looking for a link to your store on the sidebar, I didn't find it there.

I DID find it another way. I think you need a Button LINK on the side bar.

Is your lavender safe for cooking? (food grade) I would like to try some lavender flavored treats.

Oh yes, do you take paypal?

Nancy Reed said...

Hi, Sue -

First met you on Wendy's ravelry groups. I'm in love with lavender, too. We have 9 acres (of woods!) and a few lavender plants in our herb garden. I try to dry as much as I can. I use lavender creams and colognes and soap. I understand that it's good to repel mosquitoes, and they think I am a banquet - I am diabetic. I also have heard that lavender is great to keep bugs, etc., from woolen clothes and the STASH! I found some fantastic little lavender dryer sachets at Trader Joe's, and I've been using them for a few years. Sadly they have stopped carrying them, so I'll try to make my own.

Have you ever heard of the Cathedral Window Quilt? My mom made one - and it was about 90% finished when she passed away in 1988. I DO NOT QUILT! I am a knitter, big-time. I finally found someone who could finish it for me, and it's lovely.

I have a few questions for you - but I see that others are also asking them. Perhaps when you have a chance you could post the answers to some of them so we wouldn't have to ask again! :-)

Time for breakfast - more another time!

Nancy -