Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I've been super busy lately, but I always get in some knitting time in the car.  When my DH had his table saw accident, there were a few months that he couldn't drive.  I was happy to do the driving, but I must admit that I missed my knitting time.  He's driving again, and I'm knitting again!

I made 2 drop stitch scarves.  This is a really easy stitch that is simple to memorize and great for knitting in the car.  To do a drop stitch, you wrap the yarn around the needle between knit stitches.  On the next row, you drop the wraps.  For this pattern, the wraps range from one wrap, to two wraps, then 3 wraps, then back to 2 wraps and then one wrap.  In between the wrap and drop rows, you do a few knit rows and it creates the wavy pattern.

I LOVE this yarn!  It's Merisoft Hand Painted merino by Punta Yarns color HP71.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

Same pattern in Glenisla Print.  I misplaced the wrapper with the color.

The pattern is a free download on Ravelry.  It's called Drop Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel.  I've talked about Ravelry a lot.  If you knit or crochet, you HAVE to check out Ravelry!!!


free indeed said...

THose are lovely scarves! ONe of my girls really loves scarves for accent and those would be great. Will have to look for the pattern....I am on Ravelry too. How do you find the time for everything? I know you are in the midst of harvesting lavender right now. I was too shy to remind you about starts this spring...I had followed your progress in last year's posts. Anyway, lovely scarves!

Joanne said...

Beautiful scarves! I will have to check out the pattern.
I am glad to hear that your husband is doing better!

quiltmom said...

Really pretty scarves- thanks for sharing the pattern link. Hope the lavender picking is going well.
Life sure gets busy at times doesn't it ? Enjoy your journey...

Micki said...

Gorgeous scarves..I love the colours!

SheilaC said...

I love those scarves!! And thank you for sharing the pattern, I am going to go check it out, I am a very new knitter and need an easy pattern to try out.

Although it is a bit hot right now to think about making scarves! :)


Judy S. said...

Thanks for the pattern link, Sue. What's your name on Ravelry?

Maggey and Jim said...

Wow, lovely colors and that design is so interesting. Will make somebody really happy..