Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I spent the last few days working hard in my shop and working on making the Double Wedding Ring quilt with my new AccuQuilt GO!  I forgot to take my camera to the shop today so pics will have to wait another day.  (My bad!)

So I thought I'd inject a heart warming story to make you go, "Awwwwww....".  I saw this on a blog today.  I have so many wonderful new followers, thanks to the giveaway!  I've been trying to scan through their blogs to take a peek at what they are doing. Quiltluver had this story on her blog and it caught my eye (and my heart).  I did a web search for the story and found many references to it.  The following is excerpted from Livingston.com:

"Michigan State Police Trooper Deanne Oswald-DeBottis was dispatched at about 7:50 a.m. to eastbound Interstate 96, just east of U.S. 23, for a report of a large dog running in traffic.“The dog was running westbound in the I-96 eastbound lanes from Kensington Road and was stopped at U.S. 23 — almost three miles away,” Sgt. Mark Thompson said.
Motorists were swerving to avoid the dog while some stopped and attempted to get the dog off the expressway.
Oswald-DeBottis was able to position her patrol car in the center lane between two private vehicles, and she was able to coax the dog to her. She then used a “welch hitch,” a rope with a loop on one end and a clip on the other, to secure the dog, which was frightened, exhausted and had all paws injured and bleeding.
A passer-by stopped and assisted the trooper by retrieving an emergency medical blanket from her patrol car.
Livingston County Animal Control Officer Wayne Templeton arrived at the scene and took the dog into protective custody.
Templeton said the dog had “significant injuries” to its paws from running on the roadway. The dog was taken to a local veterinarian for treatment."

Now look at the picture again,  You're going, "Awwww...", aren't you? We hear so many bad news stories.  This shows another side of the variety of situations that law enforcement officers handle every day.  I appreciate that the press covered this story.

By the way, Quiltlover, I'm working on a Double Wedding Ring and my all time favorite pattern is the New York Beauty.  I see you have both of them on your UFO list, so I'll be watching.......


QuiltSue said...

What can I say, except "aaawww"? I hope he is recovered now.

deborah said...

a humane and compassionate deed, I do hope he finds his home or a new forever home soon.

Kath said...

My worst nightmare, one of my dogs loose on the road. He must have been so scared and panicky. I hope his owners take better care of him in future.

WoolenSails said...

It is heartbreaking to see pets running loose and getting onto roads. I have a cat who has been in my back yard this month. He is a beautiful tuxedo, and I have been trying to get him used to me by feeding him. Hopefully I can find his owner or get him out of the cold.


Needled Mom said...

Yes, awwww.

Barb said...

That is a sweet story!

Angie said...

That is just wonderful that someone actually stopped to help the dog! I love it!! I sure hope this little guy gets better soon and finds a wonderful family to love him and take care of him. =)

Micki said...

Thank God, she was able to help the poor dog...It just breaks my heart, but it was a lovely ending!