Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jacqueline de Jonge on TQS!

Alex Anderson, Jacqueline de Jong, and Ricky Tims

Those of you who are long time readers of this blog may recall that I have posted pictures of quilts made by Jacqueline de Jonge.  Jacqueline's patterns are marketed through her company- Be Colourful.  She is a gifted artist who hails from the Netherlands. A few of her patterns are traditional piecing, but for the most part, her designs are all paper pieced.  I had the great pleasure of meeting Jacqueline and her brother, Harm, at quilt market a few years ago.  She is a delightful person as well as a talented quilter.  Her smile lights up a room!  Harm is the business manager/ marketer, etc.  This brother and sister make a great team.  Outside of their contributions to the quilting world, Harm is a banker and Jacqueline is a nurse.

The Colourful Quilt

Jacqueline is appearing in this week's episode of The Quilt Show, which is an online quilt show and MUCH MORE.  I have a membership in TQS and I love it!  It's a complete quilting resource- weekly shows featuring an amazing array of quilt artists, blogs by both Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson, educational videos, tutorials, a Block of the Month, a gallery of reader quilts, free patterns, and soooo much more.  It's well worth the annual fee.

Curling Colours

I have to put in a quick plug here--- I carry ALL of the Be Colourful patterns on my website.  I've been getting a lot of orders for them this week, but I have more on order and expect them very soon.

 Elements of Nature

And I have to tell you a cute story about the time I met Jacqueline.  With her increasing popularity, she has since had to accept help from long arm quilters, but at the time that I met her, she was still HAND quilting all of her own quilts (Yep- believe it or not!).  She had several hanging in her booth and no kidding- they were jaw-dropping.  I wanted to look at the back of one, and asked her if she would mind if I touched one to look at the back. I was expecting her to turn the corner for me, but that's not what happened.  She gave me one of her big, warm smiles and said, "Of course!  They're only quilts!".

Only quilts.  Yea.  Right.  These things are works of art.  The quilting world is a better place, thanks to Jacqueling de Jonge.



quiltmom said...

I have her Circle of Life pattern and have been collecting fabrics for it for awhile now. It would be a challenging quilt for me so perhaps one day I will get to make it. I love her sense of color and the richness of her designs. She sounds like a terrific lady who loves to quilt. What could be better than that.
Warmest regards,

Needled Mom said...

OMGosh...those are gorgeous!!!! I love her attitude towards quilts.

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