Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More of Karla Alexanders' Designs

Here's my progress on "Argyle".

This is sooooooo much fun!  The curves are really easy-- I'm not kidding! The blocks are all  made and I'm in the process of sewing them together.  I'm going to do a navy blue border.  And here's my big news... I only used one pin for each curved block!  I'm the original "pin queen".  My motto has always been, "If one pin will do... 7 pins are better!".  But Karla challenged me to use her technique of sewing curves without lots of pins.  WOO HOO!  It works!

For my giveaway this month, I offered an extra entry to anyone who sends me a picture of a quilt they made using one of Karla's patterns or books.  Here are a few REALLY pretty photos I've received:

This quilt is Wanda Hanson's "Crooked Squares".  Wanda's blog, Exuberant Color, is one of my favorites.  She has made more amazing quilts than you can shake a rotary cutter at!  Thanks for sharing this one with us, Wanda!

Lisa Marie sent this photo.  She used one of Karla's earlier books for her inspiration.  The blocks were made using Karla's "stack the deck" method... cut.... and then reassembles after another shuffle.  STUNNING, Lisa!  I love the animal prints.  Thanks for sharing and good luck in the pattern giveaway!

Does anyone else have a quilt they made using one of Karla Alexander's books or patterns?  Send them to me and receive an extra entry in the giveaway this month.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Argyle is looking great. And wow Wanda's quilt is amazing (of course) and so is the other one.

Jackie said...

Curves kind of scare me. Glad you've mastered them - and only with one pin! :)

QuiltSue said...

Your Argyle looks great. I love the colours you chose.