Monday, September 9, 2013

Flannel Quilts and a Sale!

I fondled some pretty flannels the other day and got the bug to make a flannel quilt.  September always has that effect on me. :-)  I have a couple started and I think I'll be a good little quilter and finish one of them rather than starting a new one.

Here are two flannel quilts that I made for my grown sons a few years ago.  The blue and taupe half square triangle quilt is Paul's.  Yep--- it's just a bunch of half square triangles!  The trick is to use flannels with high contrast.  This one was actually a pattern, and I have ordered some.  I'll put them on my website soon.  I like it because it's just 2 colors, but it's super scrappy.  Paul likes it because it's soft.

This is Steve's quilt.  It's one of Moda's flannel collections from several years back (definitely no longer available).  It's another simple pattern with lots of "pop".  It's a really fun "guy quilt".  I was visiting Steve and his family last week and saw this on the floor in his family room in front of the TV... so I know it gets used!

Let's kick off the season with a flannel sale.  ALL flannels in stock are on sale for the month of September, 2013 for $8.95 per yarn.  All of the flannels in my shop are high quality, soft and squishy.... not the thin scritchy kind. Many of them are by Maywood Studio.  There are also a few flannel fat quarter packs very attractively priced.  Tomorrow, I'll post a blog giveaway.... and.... hint, hint..... it will be flannel!