Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Patriotic Table Runner

I designed this table runner a few years back.  I designed the block with my EQ software and just made it into a large table runner.  The block reminded me of one of the signs or a postage stamp or something associated with the bicentennial in 1976.  I lived in Philadelphia at the time and I can't remember what it was, but something was similar to this.

This is hanging, along with a number of other patriotic quilts, in the library in North Plains, Oregon right now.  Our guild has created the exhibit called. "Birth of a Nation".  The quilts will be on display until the end of July.

Last month, I was at a "getaway" with a few friends who are also in the guild.  We all spent 4 days quilting.  What fun!  One evening, I was staring at this trying to decide how to quilt it and my friend, Julie, had lots of "suggestions".  I looked at her and smiled, and she said, "Would you like me to quilt it for you?"  I smiled back and said, "Would you like me to finish hand appliqueing that block your working on?"  So we traded our projects and finished them for each other.

If you're anywhere near the west side if Portland, Oregon, drive out to North Plains and stop in to the library.  It's a nice display.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Two new pairs of socks

Longtime followers of this blog know I'm ever so slightly addicted to knitting socks.  :-)  I haven't blogged in a long time and have missed posting a lot of my finished knitting and quilting projects, but I thought I'd get back into it by sharing my latest 2 pairs.

These lovely soft yellow socks are made with Barking Dog Yarns in their Achilles Base.  The color is called "Butter".  It's exclusive to club members until April of 2015 and will be available to non-club members after that. She has bunches of beautiful colors available in various base yarns- hand dyed to order with great customer service!

The Achilles base (that's just the name this particular yarn dyer gives to it) is 80% merino wool and 20% nylon.  I like this blend for socks because the little bit of nylon makes a huge difference in durability.  There's nothing worse than spending all that time knitting a pair of socks and wearing a a hole in the heel in a relatively short time.  My socks wear a lot better when there is something in the yarn blend that gives it a bit more strength.

The patten is called Spring Haze by Cynthia Levy.  Her pattern shop is is called RedTigerDesigns.

This pattern is also exclusive to the club Barking Dog Yarns Sock Club Members for the year, but it will be available to the public around April of 2015.

I love Cynthia's designs.  I've made socks from several of her patterns over the past few years.  She lives in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in Canada.  Maybe she's so good at this because she has LOTS of use for nice, warm socks!  :-)

When I first saw this pattern, I thought they wouldn't have as much warmth because of the "holes" in the lace.  But when I wear them, they seem plenty toasty. 

It's not very noticeable, but the Spring Haze socks are mirror imaged.  The cables twist to the left on one sock and to the right on the other sock.  I love little special touches like that!

 Here's another pair by Cynthia.  This one is free for a few more weeks while a knit-along is running and then there will be a nominal charge.  I LOVE these!  They're not nearly as difficult as they look (always love it when a pattern makes me look good).

This yarn is from Knitters Brewing Company.  It's called Sockaholic and the color is Cosmopolitan.   It's also a merino wool and nylon blend. 

Such a fun knit!  No chance of getting bored with these puppies!

Friday, May 9, 2014

New Giveaway- Pansy Faced Pooch Pattern

It's been a LOOOOOOOONG time since we did a giveaway.  Time to start up the monthly fun again!

Pansy Faced Pooch is one of the Flower Dog pattern series designed by Helene Knott.  Helene also designed the popular Garden Patch Cat Series of patterns.  (You'll be seeing a lot more of the cats on this blog in coming months!).  It's an easy applique pattern.  You can do hand or machine applique.  Helene has included instructions for several methods in the pattern.

 It's super easy to enter.  For a chance to win, just comment to THIS POST.  That's it!  Easy peasy.

Want a second chance?  Do a SECOND COMMENT to THIS POST and tell me that you are a follower of this blog.  You can be a long-time follower or brand new.  Just remind me that you are a follower.

Two chances not enough?  For a third chance, spread the word. It doesn't matter how- tweet, do a facebook post, take out a full page add in a magazine :-)  You get ONE extra chance for spreading the word.  No multiple chances for tweeting and doing a facebook post.  Spread the word as much as you like and do a THIRD COMMENT to THIS POST and  tell me you shared the news and you'll get ONE extra chance.  FYI, we do have an Alderwood Quilts facebook page and we LOVE Pinterest!

And for a FOURTH chance (YEA!) tell me what you'd like to see more of on this blog.  I haven't been active for a while and want to get started again.  I'd love to hear what you want to see.  New products?  Tutorials?  What kind?  Techniques?  Quilt-alongs?  I have lots of ideas but I'd like to hear yours first.

I'll do a random drawing on June first to select the winner.  Be sure to do a comment for each chance.  That's how I count to see how many numbers to put in the random number generator.

Good luck!