Friday, October 17, 2014

Sashiko Mug Rug

I finished a little sashiko project that I started a long time ago.  It was just a little practice piece that I bordered and lightly quilted with a puffy batting. 

The solid fabric in the center that holds the needlework is called Essex.  It's 50% linen and 50% cotton.  The weave is a bit looser than flat cotton, so it's nice to work with.  The large sashiko needle and thick thread glide between the threads.  The border is Japanese Indigo fabric. 

I love my little mug rug.  Perfect for a drink and a little snack.

I carry Sashiko supplies and Essex fabric on my website, along with some patterns and books.  HERE

Bounty of the Season

I'm putting the garden to bed.... harvesting the last of the bounty.  Now I have to clean, chop, freeze and can these lovelies.  Thanks to my friend, Julie, for all the green tomatoes!  I'll be making my Nana's green tomato hamburger relish today.  Mmmmmmm


A few weeks ago, I was the recipient of a whole trash bag of fresh corn.  That doesn't sound right.  It was a clean trash bag, and a good way to drag around 50 ears of corn.  This is going to keep me in corn chowder all year!  I sliced and dried all those pears (and a few more bags of them) and I also dried a few bags of Italian prune plums.

I'm going to miss the garden and the farmers' markets with all the wonderful fresh produce.