Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

More Great Pictures from Readers....

Janet from BC, Canada sent this photo to me.  I made it large so that you could see the pretty stitching.  Janet made this in a class at her LQS taught by Diane Stevenson.  She used metallic thread for the detail.  She calls it "Cranberry Salsa.  VERY pretty, Janet!  Janet blogs at What Comes Next.

 And we have another shower curtain!  Angela from Phoenix send me this photo.  Her blog is the Modern Diary.  This isn't a holiday project, but there was a lot of interest in the recent post with the shower curtain quilt and Angela wanted to share hers.  I'm so glad she did!  I think this idea is causing a lot of people to think of surprise places to display our quilts.  Thanks so much, Angela- the fishies are a very cute theme for your bathroom.  I hope you're enjoying your new home!

It's not too late to send me photos of your holiday quilts for an extra entry in the December giveaway!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Holiday Quilt Photos

I have more Christmas quilt photos to show you.

This one was sent to me by Jofrid.  She lives in Norway.   Her blog is called Jofridsquilt and she has been a reader of my blog for a log time.  The center star of this table topper/wall hanging is pieced and the hearts in the corner are hand embroidered.

Patti from Missouri sent this one.  She said she used newspaper squares.  She used the newspaper squares as a foundation and sewed the strips onto it.  Then she trimmed them and took the paper off.  Love it!  Patti is a longtime reader and her blog is Osage Bluff Quilter.

I love this one from Tracy!  She made this "Grinch" quilt for her friend's children, and included the Dr. Seuss book with the gift.  I'm sure it will be treasured for many years, Tracy!

And finally- a shout out for a blog I follow-
Connie from Iowa blogs under Quilting By The River.  She posted a tutorial for this cute mug rug today.  She also has a tutorial for a cute snowflake design.  The photo is hers.  Check out her blog- it's a good read.

JUST IN CASE you've never heard of a mug rug... it's a tiny little quilt that's just the right size to hold a glass or mug and maybe a cookie or two.  It's much smaller than a placemat.  Think if it as a teenie tiny table cloth for your refreshments as you quilt.  I especially like them for using up scraps, using an orphan block or a block that didn't come out right for some reason... or for a little way to test or practice a quilting stitch.  Instead of risking a mistake on a big project, or wasting the time you put into the practice- it's a fun way to use your practice piece.  They make super great gifts, too.  AND... they're good gifts for both men and women to use next to a computer.

I'm really enjoying all of the pictures I'm getting, and I love hearing stories about how the quilts came to be (or why they are a gift).  I can't wait to show you some of the things I'm making, but most are gifts and it's kind of hard to put things on the internet and keep them a secret!  I'll show you pics of my holiday projects after they are opened by the recipients.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Few More Christmas Quilts

 Here are a few more Christmas quilts sent to me by readers.  This one is from my friend, Julie, in Oregon.  She won the blocks through an online quilting group.  She created the setting with EQ.  Pretty, Julie!

And this one floored me!  Hanging a quilt as a shower curtain never occurred to me!  Hmmm.... now I have to think about this.....

Peg sent this one in.  She said it was so big that she didn't know what else to do with it.  I wonder if guests use the bathroom in her home and seem to take a little longer..... lol

Peg- did you line or quilt this? What treatment did you use? I would think it could be lightly quilted with a backing but no batting.  

These ladies get an extra entry in my December blog giveaway for sending me a photo of a holiday project.  Check the giveaway post for details.  Good luck to all!

I'm decorating this weekend.  Headed to the garage to dig out the decorations.... deep breath.... here goes.....

Friday, December 9, 2011

Henrietta Whiskers- Free Pattern!

Henrietta Whiskers

You're smiling- aren't you?  I generally make quilts with more of a contemporary flair, but this one just has something about it.  I love applique and Henrietta is such an endearing little squirrel-- what can I say?

This pattern is available for FREE on one of my favorite blogs... Bunny Hill Designs.  Its a series of.. I think... 8 or 9 patterns and was a BOM for 2011.  DON'T DELAY!  It will only be available as a FREE download through the end of the month.  Once the calendar turns over to 2012, there will be a charge to purchase it.  I've downloaded Bunny Hill's free BOM's for 3 years now.  If you like embroidery, be sure to follow her blog- the designs are super cute!  You can get there directly via the button on my sidebar over to your right, or just click on her blog link from this post.

Thanks so much to Bunny Hill Designs for such great patterns!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm speechless

Yes... speechless.

This photo is from the Knit and Crochet Now site.  Love them.  But this.... well.... I'm speechless.  I got a chuckle out of it- thought you might, too.

Some day this lady will have a big modeling career and she'll be on a talk show in a fancy dress with her hair just perfect... and the producers will have found this...  and they'll show it...  and she'll turn bright red and be... SPEECHLESS!

Seriously- Knit and Crochet now is a good show.  They show you how to make normal stuff. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Quilts

For the December giveaway, I'm offering an extra entry to readers who send me a photo of a holiday quilt.  I'm interpreting this loosely- It can be a table runner or tote bag- anything you've made.  And it doesn't have to be just Christmas- any holiday or celebration will work. 

I've received photos of so many beautiful things!  I just have to share them with you.

Janet, from the Yukon Territory in Canada, whose blog is Caribou Crossing Chronicles, sent me a photo of a beautiful table runner she made for a swap.  Nice swap item, Janet!  Your swap partner is a lucky lady!

Nancy from Missouri said she really had to hunt for this photo because she REALLY wants to win the pattern.  Your quilt is SOOOOOO cute, Nancy!  Good luck in the giveaway!  Nancy's blog is With Thread in Hand.

This one is from Linda is California.  Linda's blog is Stray Stitches.  I love the colors, Linda!

This GORGEOUS Christmas Cactus was sent to me by the Needled Mom in southern California.  She's a nurse and has 5 kids (and lots of GK's).... Needled Mom... nurse... needles.... get it?  OK... back to the quilts.  There are some other very pretty holiday things on her blog.  I especially like her festive placemats.

 Anna sent this.  Her blog is QuiltMom's Journey.  I just love the poinsettias, Anna!
Here's another one from Anna.  The photo doesn't do it justice, I'm sure.  Having just made a Double Wedding Ring quilt and working on another one... I have tons of respect to a quilter who makes one of these babies!  Nice work, Anna!

 Irene sent this photo.  She scanned photos from trips that her son and daughter-in-law took and incorporated them into this quilt.  She gave it to them for Christmas.  The muted colors really make the photos stand out... and the travelers look really pleased with their quilt!

Bonnie from Florida sent these.  Her blog is Here.  She's working on 15 quilts for a nursing home!  WOW!

Kathy from Ohio sent this photo of her pretty table topper.  You can check out Kathy's Quilting Blog for more pretty things.

And I saved this beauty for last.... Barbara, who blogs at Cat Patches, sent this.  I've had my eye on this pattern for quite a while.  I first saw it in red, but I think it's amazing in blue!  The embroidered snowmen are the cutest little guys!  I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara recently when she came to one of our quilt guild meetings.  I don't know what else to say about this quilt except WOW!!!

Thanks to all who took the time to send me pictures of your beautiful creations!  You are all very talented and I am so pleased to have you reading along.  Good luck to all of you in the giveaway.

You can enter the giveaway throughout the month of December, and I'd love to see your holiday quilts. (my email link is in the giveaway post).

Friday, December 2, 2011

December Giveaway- Christmas Jewel Pattern from Be Colourful

For my giveaway for this month, one lucky reader will receive a Christmas Jewel pattern!  Christmas Jewel was designed by Jacqueline de Jonge for her Be Colourful pattern collection.  The "jewels" are paper pieced, which gives you amazing accuracy.  This pattern retails for $19.95 (not your average pattern!).

I don't need to tell you that it can be made in any colors and would look equally stunning in non-holiday fabrics.

To see what it might look like in other colors, Jacqueline has a different pattern that she has titled, "Jewel".

The winner will be selected at random on January 1st, 2012.  (WOW- that's the first time I typed 2012!  Wasn't it just yesterday that the calendar turned to the year 2000?!?)

To enter- all you have to do is reply to THIS POST and let me know you want a chance.  That's it!  Your entered!  I do need some way to contact you.  I have started to reply to everyone who enters.  So if you don't get a reply from me after entering, that means you are a "no-reply" blogger and I have no way to contact you should you be the lucky winner.  I'm just sayin'.  If you absolutely don't want your email on the internet, send me a private email to let me know how to contact you if you win.

Want more chances?  For a second entry, be a follower of this blog.... AND... do a SECOND COMMENT to THIS POST and tell me you are a follower.  You may think I should know that.  I do.  But I count the comments and put that number in the random number generator to pick a winner.  If you don't do an extra comment, you don't have the second entry.

For a third entry- share the news!  Tell your blog readers about it, do a Facebook post, tweet it, or take out a full page ad in the New York Times.  I don't care how you share it-- just do something to spread the word  and then come back here and post another comment to THIS POST to let me know.

For a 4th entry- send me a picture of a holiday quilt that you made.  It can be ANY holiday- for any time of year, any culture.... anything!  You can email me your pictures and the do a quick comment to THIS POST for the extra entry.

Good luck!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Karla Alexander Pattern WINNER!

Congrats to 2 Girls and a Garden!  You get to select any one of Karla Alexander's patterns on my website! I just took a peek at your blog- lots of interesting stuff on there- especially in gardening season. Now comes the hard part--- you have to pick one!

Thanks to all for entering.  I'll be posting a December giveaway shortly.