Friday, March 6, 2015

More finished Sashiko pieces!

I'm working on 2 different Sashiko projects.  I do that with most of my hand work (knitting, Sashiko, quilting, etc).  I like to keep from getting bored. :-)

One of my projects is Sylvia Pippen's Chinese Bird Series.  I did the owls last month and just recently finished the albatross.  This series is pre-printed on the fabric so it's super easy to stitch over it.  A very relaxing project.  I'm not sure yet how I will use them.  When I'm finished stitching the whole series, they will most likely become the focus blocks of a quilt.  In the meantime, I'm just enjoying the process.

Then, there are the background blocks for my Tropical Sashiko Sampler quilt.  There are 16 different blocks (hence the title- sampler).  I finished 4 of them last month and here are my latest 4.

And close-ups:

Hemp Leaf

Seven treasures


Overlapping Diamonds

I'm far from at expert at this, but since I believe that "practice makes perfect"  (or at least it makes you better), I started this sampler to improve my skills.  So far, I think it's working.  I improve with each block.


J Honda said...

your sashiko work is beautiful! thank you for visiting my blog - I do encourage you to make a mystery block quilt - I just needed to start, rather than trying to figure things out...and learn :) use what you have and go with it :)

reclaimed wood dining table said...

The designs are wonderful! You beautifully created it. Thumbs up!

quiltsathome said...

I liked to see your Sashiko work. And now I am curious: did you finish it ?


The first design is the best special pattern. The others are common types but using different colors of stitches can be more impressive.

Unknown said...

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