Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Learn to Knit Socks

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I'm completely addicted to knitting socks.I frequently get comments from readers that they wished they knew how to knit or that they would love to learn to knit socks.  Well here's your chance!

If you don't know about you really need to!  It's the most amazing resource for the knitting community!  It has tons and tons of patterns (some free, some for purchase), lots of yarns and where to get them, links to stores, and best of all.... PEOPLE  There are more chat boards than you can shake your needles at.  One board is moderated by the owner of Knitters Brewing Company.  Wendy Gaal and her friend, Kellie, hand dye the most wonderful yarn in every color imaginable.  And they have regular KAL's (Knit- alongs).  Most of her original designs are very challenging.  But this month, they are doing a KAL to teach knitters how to make basic socks.  There is the assumption that you know the basics of knitting and purling.  But there's no doubt that new sock knitters will be successful with this KAL.  The pattern has lots of pictures, and there will be videos on the chat board to show you some of the techniques.  And if you get stuck, all you have to do is ask a question on the board and you'll have answers lickety split.

There is no charge and no purchase necessary.  The pattern (photo above) will appear on the chat board mid March for free.  But if you do order the kit, you will get a commemorative stitch marker, your choice of a bazillion colors of yarn, and the pattern already printed out.  There are random prizes drawn from those who post a picture of a finished sock.  If you use Knitters Brewing yarn, you are illegible for the grand prize.  It's up to you- you can buy the kit or use yarn you have.

I've known these women for a while and they are really great.  If you've always wanted to learn to knit socks, or if you tried with less-than-great results, think about playing along!

Oh- and they also have a pod cast and a blog called Yarn on Tap.  Enjoy!


Fleurette@ Fleur's place said...

Thanks for the link. I'm always admiring your socks and have wanted to learn how so Im going to join :)

Bec Clarke said...

thank you so much for writing about this. It's just what I need to help me get started "again" on knitting socks. I gave up 1/4 way through my first try.

Barb said...

I just love your the purple.

Sue said...

I don't want to mislead anyone- I didn't make the purple socks. They are a picture of the socks used for the pattern by Kellie Oreb.

Khalila said...

It's so nice of you to help spread the joy of sock knitting. :) Thanks Sue!

Sue said...

My pleasure, Kellie! (Kahlila is the designer of the "Learn to Knit" sock). I just got the kit in the mail. Your pattern is very well written and all those pictures are great! I got the kit because I have ALL of the Knitters Brewing Company kits and wanted to play along on the KAL. I think beginning sock knitters will have a great first sock experience with your pattern!

GerryART said...

I just finished my 37th pair of knit sox.
I love to knit sox and I am on Ravelry as GerryH
Well, back to knitting.
Hugs and a knit and a purl,