Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lots of S's.... Socks, Snow and Sniffles

 I finished a pair of socks this week.  The pattern is called Monkey and the designer is Cookie A. 
 I'm working my way through Cookie's new book called Knit.Sock.Love.  The plan is to make one pair per month and finish all of the 19 patterns in the book in 19 months.  I'll also be doing some other knitting along the way.

So far... 2 pair in 2 months.  Let's see if I can keep up the pace!  I'm casting on the third pair this week.
I love these socks.  The yarn is "Punta Sock Hand Painted".  That explains why there is a slight variation in the 2 socks.  The die was slightly different as I went through the skein.  It's very soft yarn and was very nice
to work with.  Love the pattern, too!

We've had some late winter snow this week.  This is the view looking out of my kitchen window.  That's my quilt shop down the hill on the left.  And the lavender field is out there but you can't see it because it's under snow.  Pretty soon it will be waking up!

It was a heavy, wet snow... kept going between rain and snow.  The snnow was so heavy that it took down several tree limbs out back.  It was really creepy last night listening to the crack, snap of the limbs in the woods.  One big one woke me up in the middle of the night.  Ugh!

 I've had a horrible cold that kept me down for most of the past week.  I didn't feel like going down to the shop and sewing.  I just filled orders, and came back up to the house, curled up with my blankie, my knitting, and my tissues.  That is-- when I wasn't working on my taxes. 
Even our dog, Jaeger, didn't feel well this week.  We think he "pulled" a muscle in his back.  It might be a disc but we're hoping for the pulled muscle diagnosis.  He was suddenly unable to walk on Monday morning.  His wonderful vet is giving him laser treatments (3 this week) which seem to be helping.  He still limps, but he's doing much better.

I seem to be posting a lot of pathetic looking family dog pictures on this blog lately.  Our grand-dog, Cooper, is doing better- his paw is healing.  Sheesh!

I got some fabric to get started on my second double wedding ring quilt, and as I promised, I will do a very detailed tutorial for you.  I think I might try to do a weekly post on the Wedding Ring quilt as I progress.  Maybe that will keep me on track.  I was rushing so much with the other one that I didn't take a lot of pictures of the process.  I will do that with this second one. I also have some things in the works for the website- new kits and patterns and a few tutorials.  Stay tuned!  As soon as I get over this cold and find some energy, I'll get that sewing machine humming!


QuiltSue said...

Sorry you weren't well and hope both you and the dog recover quickly. Mind you, looking at the snow there, staying in and knitting seems like a good option.

Barb said...

So love your socks, what an undertaking to do the whole book....sure hope you get to feeling better!

Melissa said...

Poor doggle! And poor you! Wish I could knit or crochet, but alas... it is not in the cards for me. I know, I tried - not a pretty picture. But some nice warm socks would be nice to make!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Sue! Lovely socks! That yarn looks so good. I hope you are feeling better real soon. I love DWR quilts! :)
Give your dog and gand-dog both a pat for me. Sandy.

Becky said...

LOVE those socks! I think I'd be more inclined to learn how to knit because of socks, more than anything else!! Are they hard to make? So amazing!!! Feel better!

fabricartist21 said...

I love those socks. I knit but not very intensely so I need to get with the program.
I love the picture of the snow out your window. I love cold country but live in South Texas.
Sorry about your cold, take care now.

quilary said...

Hope you get your energy back soon! I'm looking forward to see your new double wedding ring. I might even try to keep up and finish the one I have as a WIP.