Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Feathered Stars

This month, I added an opportunity to get a 4th entry in the giveaway.  I asked if anyone had made a feathered star and to send me a picture.  What I am learning is that not too many people have made feathered stars.  Hmmmm... maybe I need to do a FS tutorial.  Maybe I should make one first. :-)

Here are the photos that have come in....
First, from Sarah Stevens in Sandwich, Il.  Sarah send me this photo of her FS in progress.  She says she wants every star to be different- even if just slightly.  She's shooting for 13 feathered stars with Ohio Stars in between.  This is going to be a gorgeous quilt, Sarah!  Send me a pic when it's finished. 

Her second one only has one feathered star in the center with Ohio Star and Snowball blocks to make the blue and while snowflake quilt. Beautiful, Sarah!  And what a great way to try a Feathered Star without jumping into a huge project.  Thanks so much for sharing your quilts with us, Sarah!  It's great to have you reading along, too.

This next Feathered Star was made by DeAnn Oliekan.  DeAnn took a class last year and made this block.  She wants to add a few more borders and make this beautiful block into a wall hanging.  This is really pretty, DeAnn... thanks so much for sharing it with us... and thanks for reading my blog!

 Does anyone else have a finished OR in-progress Feathered Star?  We'd love to see them!  Send your photos to me HERE.

I'm going to ship orders this morning and then go out with DH to purchase materials for him to build a TALL deer fence around my veggie garden.  I'm tired of finding deer prints next to rows of missing veggies!  I keep telling the deer that they can share the apples on the apple tree, but leave the flowers and veggies alone- but they never listen.  :-)

Have a great day!


Needled Mom said...

Beautiful! I really like the look of the Feathered Stars blocks.

Good luck with the deer fence.

WoolenSails said...

I love the blocks, but too lazy to do that much piecing;)

We had a deer come running into our garden once, but he didn't see the kayak rack and ran into that instead. Must have been a big one, he broke the end columns and it all fell over. I never did get any green beans, the minute they came out, something ate the tops off, assumed it was rabbits, so need to do something.


Barb said...

The feathered staris just beautiful!

Anne said...

Those are beautiful! I may try one some day!

Stray Stitches said...

Those are some beautiful Feathered Stars! Perhaps one day in my future......

Hopefully the deer will get the hint with the taller fence :)