Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New patterns from Be Colourful

I got a shipment of patterns from Be Colourful today.  The Be Colourful patterns are mostly advanced paper pieced patterns.  Jacqueline de Jong is a Dutch designer with a love of very colorful quilts!  I met her once and she is the most delightful person.  When I met her, it was at a show and her quilts were on display.  I asked her if I could touch one and look at the back (they were all hand quilted!!!).  She replied, "Of course!  They're only quilts!".  Only quilts!  Holy cow!  These are masterpieces!  She's very humble and has the most charming smile.  I felt so fortunate to have been able to chat with her and see her quilts up so close (and TOUCH them!)

(Ignore the colored strip at the top and bottom of the photos- I lifted them from my website and was too lazy to get rid of the background color)

I carry all of Jacqueline's patterns (28 right now) and just got her 3 newest in stock.  I'm so excited to have them!
This one is called Fly Away.  It won a ribbon in Houston last month. 

This one is called Sweet Melody.  It's so bright and cheerful in the colors Jacqueline chose!

This one is called Misty Morning.  I'm a sucker for any quilt with a "Mariners Compass" look.  I also love the blue and yellow color combination.

This is my all-time favorite Be Colourful pattern.  It's called Circle of Life.  I really, really, really want to make this quilt someday!  And just think of the delicious stash I'd have to collect  to get the colors right. :-)

Now check this out!  Fabric is magic, I tell you!  This pattern is called Joy.  It's done with lots of really bright, colorful batiks.  (Amazing, huh!?!?)
Now scroll down to the next picture......

This one is called Joyful.  It's the same quilt!  See what I mean?  Fabric is MAGICAL!

It's been a good day, but a long one.  I think I'll put a movie on and do some knitting.


Judy S. said...

It's nice to have you back, Sue! I've always been intrigued to see how different the same pattern looks with different fabrics. I've been imagining you out working on your lavender plants....hasn't this been a crazy spring?

Anne said...

I believe Circle of Life would be my favorite out of this group. I bought one of them, I haven't even had the nerve to open the pattern and look at it. One of these days I will. :)

stitch_days said...

Oh, wow, that Be Colourful pattern is just so beautiful. It would be such an accomplishment to finish that quilt.

stitch_days said...

Ack! I meant the Circle of Life quilt pattern.