Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting Things Done

I'm sure that every one of you has a list longer than the days of the year of things they want to complete.  I have sooooo many things I want to do!!!  I look at it this way.  I have many projects that I am "considering".  I select them one at a time--- from a long list of projects that look interesting to me.  It really is OK if I see something I like and I think I want to make it.... and then I never select it from among the many projects that have caught my eye.  Lately, I've donated a few of those to people who are making quilts and knitting blankets for others in need.

I am primarily a quilter, but lately I have been knitting a lot. That is due to available time.  I've been harvesting lavender and working on rearranging my quilt area during time I would generally use to quilt--- and using "found time" such as riding in the car, to knit.  That's OK for now, and soon you will see that I am doing more quilting than gardening and knitting.  It's all about what fits into my life that week.

The important thing is to do SOMETHING, and do be mostly productive most days.  I don't think there's anything wrong with having a few days where we don't feel productive, as long as we have fun or relax during those times.

A blog buddy of mine, Sue Abrey from the UK has a great idea on her blog.  She is suggesting that we take one day a month to work on Christmas projects.  I'm really not backed up on Christmas projects, but I AM backed up on some other things!  The concept is a good one.  I added her button to my sidebar.  If you'd like to join her and others in the fun making projects for Christmas- check out her blog.  She's a really nice lady.  :-)

As for me... I've stopped promising things on the blog because I feel terrible when I don't get them done in a timely manner.  I still haven't finished my "Dozen Bags" project (I will eventually) and I had hoped to put a BOM on here (still want to).  Right now- I am working on a wedding quilt for each of my daughters-in-law, and a few projects for people who have asked me to do things.  I know all too well that the way to get things done is to plan to do them- to make an appointment with yourself and keep the appointment!

So here's to getting things done.  My DH always says that the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.  Elephant Stew... yum

Elephant Stew

1 Elephant (medium size)
2 rabbits (optional)
A lot of salt and pepper
A Lot of gravy

Cut the elephant into bite-sized pieces.  This should take about a week.  Add enough brown gravy to cover.  Cook over hot coals for about 4 weeks.  This will serve 3,800 people.  If more are expected, 2 rabbits may be added, but only do this if necessary because some people do not like to find a hare in their stew.


QuiltSue said...

Thanks for the link to my Christmas Quiltalong.

Looking forward to seeing what you've been working, but now I'm off to catch an elephant .........

Needled Mom said...

I know that I should sign up for the Christmas project. I always hate those last minute gifts.

Soggibottom said...

What about adding venison to the stew instead of rabbits ?
x x x

Judy C said...

Love the elephant stew recipe lOl!
good idea though one thing at a time, most of us can handle that!
Have a great day!

Pokey said...

I'm with you on this, Sue. Be productive, and if you can, be creative, too! Thanks for the recipe, BTW....

Brenda said...

| (elephant sized)

love, b/