Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busy Day!

I didn't get ANY sewing done today!  I worked about 10 hrs in the shop.  We got a fabric shipment, new patterns, I cut lots of Garden Patch Cats kits and filled lots of orders.  Our newsletter went out yesterday announcing our shipping special for the holidays.
DH did this for our homepage with one of the pictures he took on our property last winter.  They're predicting a stormy winter here-- we'll probably be looking like this soon!

I hope to do lots of sewing tomorrow--- wish me luck!


Sallie said...

I surely know what busy is. Just finished my Once a Year Holiday Market and I am ready for some leisure time... hahaha. Anyhow I don't know how to find your shopping page... guess I'm just too lazy to look too hard. Actually I want to know more about lavender and whether I can use it in some of my crafted items... and how long does it keep, how much does it cost and all that kind of info.

Micki said...

You sound super busy. I am sure that for right before the holidays, you have lots to do.
Good luck with it all!

Brenda said...

Boo, hoo, Sue. I didn't get your newsletter.