Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm sorry I haven't added any entries to the blog in a few days but I have a good excuse. We lost power the day before yesterday. Life without power or running water (we have a well and the pump is electric) is very interesting. I feel like a pioneer woman. I have buckets of snow in the bathtub melting so we can use them to flush the toilet. Did you know that a little aluminum foil behind a lantern reflects the light and makes it brighter? At the deepest spot on our front lawn, we have 27 inches. They predict more snow tonight and tomorrow. The temps have been hovering in the 20's, for the most part, for over a week. I have been conserving the battery in my laptop but Wayne hooked me up to a car battery and I now have a little more air time. Just keeping our cell phones and laptops charged is a job!
Thi is the view out back. The mounded snow in the bottom of the photo is a raised bed. You can no longer see it--- it's just a little rise in the snow. To the left is the lavender field. At least I THINK it's still a lavender field. You can't see any lavender. I don't want anyone walking out there so the lavender doesn't accidentally get trampled. The deer didn't get that memo, though.
Poor birds- the feeders and bath are under snow. I hung suet feeders for them, though.
My poor butterfly bush! In it's glory last summer, this was 9 feet tall! We've lost a few trees and lots of branches are down. Oh, well--- it's nature's way of helping us re-landscape!
And we dug these cars out twice already! We have been fortunate enough to be able to dig out and get to the road every day. They plow highway 26 and sand it, and with chains, we can get into town. We've actually made it to the post office to ship orders on our website every day!

This really is an amazing storm. They weather folks tell us that it is the worst storm in this area in 50 years. Most years, around here, it makes news if we get 2 inches of snow. Last year we got the second supposed "hundred year flood" in 5 years. So, does this mean that we'll get another
"50 year snow storm" again in a few years?

Enough weather blogging- I need to post this and start talking about quilting! Stay warm!


Diane's quilting said...

We have all our fingers crossed that the tree limbs don't take out our electricity. Several years ago we went nearly a week without power however we did have running water and it wasn't nearly as cold.
We have 2-3 foot icicles hanging from our gutters and at least a foot of snow and ice on the roofs of everything. Hoping the carport doesn't collapse on the motorhome.
A christmas wish that they get the power up and going for Sue and Wayne, we are sending warm thoughts your way.
Merry Christmas. Hugs, Diane