Friday, December 19, 2008

Sue, the weather blogger, here... reporting to you from Banks, Oregon. The photos I posted a few days ago were just a glimpse of things to come. We now have 10 inches on the ground and they are forecasting record snow over the weekend. I know a lot of people reading this are wondering why snow is "news". Well, it's BIG news around here! Other parts of Oregon get lots of snow (hence all the ski resorts), but I've lived here for 24 years and I have NEVER seen this much snow! I grew up in Pennsylvania and this looks more like central PA than Portland, OR.

I made chili and cornbread tonight for dinner. It seemed like a wintery thing to do. It was ok, but nothing to write home about. Does anyone out there have a killer chili recipe?

I've been working on my "December Project" but haven't taken any photos lately. I'll try to post some tomorrow. I think I'm on track to get the top done before we ring in 2009, but it will have to wait for January to get quilted. I'm getting a quilting machine and it is due to take up residence in my sewing studio in January. You'll be reading a lot about that when the time comes!

I've also been knitting a lot this week. I had the urge to make some new hats, mittens and scarves. Must be all the snow. I like to quilt whenever I can, and knit in the car and when I'm watching TV. I'll take some pictures of some knitting tomorrow, too. I'm promising a lot of photos- I guess I'd better plug the camera charger in tonight!

Remember- send me a recipe (reply to this blog post or send me an email) and I'll post YOUR recipe as well as one of MINE.

AND... I'm doing a give-away next week. Be sure to check in to see what it is.

Stay warm and take time to enjoy this wonderful time of year.