Thursday, December 4, 2008

December Project

I've started a strip quilt and my goal is to get it DONE in the month of December. It usually isn't a problem to get a quilt like this done in a month, but I have a bazillion other things to do and I am slipping this in as a Christmas gift to myself. I purchased a block of the month (strip on the month) program many years ago and never made it. As I recall, I had problems with my sewing machine and the blocks kept arriving in the mail... then other things happened and other projects had higher priority... and the blocks kept coming. I always loved the quilt and hoped to make it some day. I have decided that THIS is SOMEDAY! Most of the quilts I make are earmarked as gifts or they are samples for my business or prototypes for patterns I want to write. But this one is for me. This is my Christmas gift to myself. I'm not going to show you the full pattern yet. I'll just show you each strip as I make it, and you get to be surprised by the final product.

This strip was paper pieced. I love paper piecing. I also have another p.p. project going. I'll show you that when I get a little more of it done.

Oh-- I went to a Chamber of Commerce meeting today and took Nanaimo Bars. I posted that recipe a few weeks ago but didn't include a picture. I took the picture today and inserted in into the old post.