Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Big Block Quilt

I made this throw for my DIL, Cady for Christmas.  When she and our son visited last summer, she admired this collection in my shop (It's called Lemon Grove).  I thought I'd surprise her this Christmas with a little throw.  The pattern is called the Big Block Quilt and it's SUPER fast to make!  The blocks are.... well.... BIG.  I used the darker prints for the border and the lighter prints for the center, and black kona for the frames. The dark/light print placement is subtle, but I think it creates a nice frame.

I love the circles!  I saved them for the back so I could use a lot of it. :->

The throw is just 53 x 71 inches, but it would be very easy to add an extra row of blocks and make it larger.  It's great for showing off large prints.  My friend, Julie, made this with Asian prints.  If you take out a couple of blocks, it would even make a good baby quilt.  It's really a versatile pattern.

I don't think Cady reads my blog very often.  Fingers crossed she doesn't see this, 'cause it would be fun if she was surprised.


Needled Mom said...

Those are just great fabrics. It looks fabulous and I know she will love it.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful quilt and Iove making quilts like this. I did one with homespuns and love it.


Laura said...

I love this quilt!

Nancy G said...

What are the small black lines between the blocks? I love the effect, but don't know what those black lines are. Please advise.

Sue said...

The black lines are black fabric. I used black Kona cotton.

FYI, I generally reply to comments in a private email. I couldn't do that because you are a "no-reply" blogger. I had no way to contact you with my reply.