Saturday, December 8, 2012

Knitted Shawls/ Scarves

If you're a long time follower of my blog, you know I'm primarily a quilter but I also LOVE to knit.  I neglected my blog for a while and missed showing pics on here of the things I've knitted lately, so I want to catch up and show you a few things.   I was on a real sock binge for a while.  I still knit socks, but I've taken some time to knit some shawlettes/ scarves.  These are shaped like little shawls but I wear them like scarves.  You can put them over your shoulders, but I generally don't.

I have done a lot of test knitting, which is making a pattern that has not been published yet to check it for accuracy.  One of the designers for whom I test knit is Stephanie  (verybusymonkey on Ravelry).  Stephanie has designed many shawls and socks.  Recently, she has started putting the patterns into e-books.  You can purchase the patterns individually or save a few dollars by purchasing the collections.

This is the first e-book.  If you're interested in purchasing any of the patterns, you can see the patterns HERE  If you are on Ravelry, you can easily find her there- and she has a group, as well.  If you are a knitter and don't know about Ravelry--- you HAVE to check it out!

All 4 of these shawls are knitted with Barking Dog Yarns.  Barking Dog Yarns is hand dyed yarn- a company owned by my friend, Suzan O'Brien.  It's wonderful, high quality yarn and I highly recommend it.

This is the Coriolis Shawl.  It's more tightly knit than some of the others and it's very warm.  I love this color- it goes with a lot of my clothing.

This one is called Logwood.  I'm not generally a "pink person" but I love this shade of pink.  The hand dyed yarn is so pretty with the different "highs and lows" from the dying process.  Suzan layers the dye so that it has lovely shades in there.  It doesn't look "solid", although it only has the one color.  I also like the shape of this shawl.  It's very easy to wear as a scarf.

This one is called the Bernoulli Shawl.  I know it looks like 2 different shawls, but the above 2 photos are really the same shawl.  My photographic skills leave a little to be desired.  My camera is smarter than I am.
This is such a pretty, feminine shawl!  And the yarn I used is a luxury blend which makes it feel soooooo soft!

And last but not least, this one is called the Irish Moss Shawl.  This is so pretty!  And I used a luxury blend yarn for this one, too.  I could never pick one favorite, but if I had to.... I think this is my favorite of the 4.  Notice the yarn coloring.... it's basically green, but do you seen the little splotches of yellowish green in there?  It's gorgeous yarn.

I'm almost finished knitting Stephanie's second shawl collection.  I'll show all of them to you when I'm finished with the collection.


Jackie said...

Your needles have been busy! I love them all. I like shawl's and shawlettes too. I generally wear them backwards with a light jacket. For Florida, I find that sufficient to keep me warm on almost all our winter days.

Regina said...

I love all of these - I am a big scarf/shawl wearer as I work in a big open cube office and the temperature is all over the place. My knitting skills are still at 'big rectangle' stage though and I much prefer my quilting - but I aspire to at least one of these one day. And the yarns are just lovely!!!!

Michelle said...

Those are gorgeous!

ritainalaska said...

i've carried on with my knitting since i became a quilter, too ... and am coming down from a big sock binge and working on a shawl obsession. enjoyed your post and pix on your knitting!

blogcenter said...

very stylish and gorgeous shawls and wraps colors are beautifull

Hollis Evon Ramsey said...

VBM's shawls are gorgeous; i'm a big fan of Stephanie's! your knitting is very very well done -- i aspire to that level of precision. i also like Rachel Henry's patterns; currently working on a shawl of hers.