Thursday, December 13, 2012

Knitted Scarves

I finished this Candy Cane Scarf a while back.  It was made with scraps using the "Potato Chip" pattern.  Cast on 20 sts- and knit 20, turn,.
knit 8, turn, knit 8,turn
knit 6, turn, knit 6, turn
knit 4, turn, knit 4, turn
Knit 20, turn.

Do this a million times, or until yarn runs out.
Use any size needles, and any yarn.  I used sport weight yarn and size 4 needles.  Adjust the yarn and needle size to your liking.  You can't hardly go wrong.

I didn't do much posting for several months and I forget what I showed you.  Here are some scarves I made in the past year or so.  This is another potato chip scarf.  This one was done with Noro Sock- a nice multi colored skein.

Closeup of my Noro Potato chip scarf.

This is Harry.  It's based on what the characters in the Harry Potter series wear- in the Griffindor House colors.  I made this for my DIL, Emily, to wear to her brothers' football games to keep her warm and toasty.  It's knitting in worsted weight yarn, in the round, so it's nice and squishy.  It's 60 sts around (30 on each needle, using 2 circular needles.  Each color is 30 rows before switching colors.  I also made her a hat to match in the burgundy color.

This pattern is called, Molly.  The ruffles are made with short rows... and a ribbed pattern in the center.  Fun scarf!  I have a pair of purple leather gloves that I wear with this.

I actually made this a couple of years ago.  It was my first attempt at entrelac knitting.  I used Noro yarn so the color changes just happened.  I didn't have to have all those colors of yarn.

This is my "Swirl Scarf".  It was a pain in the butt because each swirl was attached separately and there were a bazillion threads to work in.  But I LOVE how it turned out!

The two scarves on the left are done with a drop stitch pattern.  I've seen it called a "seafoam scarf" or "drop stitch scarf".  It's a simple 6 row repeat.... very easy.  They were fun to knit.
If you are a member of Ravelry, these are all on my project page.  My Ravelry screen name is suehauser.

It's starting to get cold here in Northwest Oregon.  I'll have plenty of occasion to wear these scarves now!


Laura said...

All of your scarves are gorgeous.

Wendy said...

Such stunning scarfs...I crochet but don't knit well, but I think I am going to try the potato chip scarf..just lovely!

Rosa Robichaud said...

Okaaaaay... I know how to knit and purl.....

But your potato chip scarf? What do you mean by "knit and turn"?

I had visions of me knitting 8 stitches, let's say facing North and turning towards the South to knit 8 more stitches but for the life of me, I really don't know how the scarf would turn out as pretty as yours... :-(

Told you I was Knitting Dysfunctional....

Hopefully (un)Stitched in New Brunswick,

Rosa Robichaud said...

Okaaaaay... never mind! I called up my Mom, to which she replied, "No Rosa! Remember, you need that lacy kind of yarn? And you pick into the lace with your needle... blah, blah, blah, blah"...

Did I tell you I was Knitting Dysfunctional?!??

Anyhow, I said, "NO, MOM! Let me send you her blog link. She seems to do this potato scarf with just regular yarn." To which, she, once again arguing with me and I said.... "Wait till I send you the link!"

Sooooo, I sent her your blog link and I could see her jaw drop, over the phone! LOL

Anyhow, long story short... she explained to me, what a "turn" was. I guess it's less exercise than I thought! LOL

Thanks for the lovely blog and pics! Can I post your link onto my FaceBook page? I'll wait till I get an "Okay" from you before I go ahead and "share" your link. *s*

Tks, once again!

Rosa Robichaud
(the crazy girl from canada)

Elizabeth said...

Always wondered how to make a potato chip scarf. Now that I have the directions, I'm going to make one--just as soon as Christmas is over!

Judy S. said...

Nice work! Swirl is amazing, and I love the entrelac one also.

Anonymous said...

And to think I thought all you knitted was socks! Wow I am inpressed.