Friday, December 11, 2009

Jocelyn's "Schnibbles"

This is "Picnic", which is Jocelyn's November Schnibbles. I never heard of schnibbles before and just had to ask. Her is what Jocelyn replied:

"I am part of "A Year of Schnibbles". This is the best description that I have found about Schnibbles (copied from Carol's Crafty Creations).
Schnibbles are little patterns to make little quilts usually 40" or less. Often they are square but not always. They make up a nice size for a wall hanging or table topper, because you know, you only need so many big quilts. Not to mention the fact that they sew up quicker, they are fun to make and make good gifts as well. They are made to work with charm packs which are packages of 5" squares of fabric, one of each fabric in the fabric line. Often the charm packs have 40 squares but sometimes they have less depending on the number of fabric in the fabric line. The Schnibbles patterns are made by Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.
Here's the definition of a Schnibble from the Miss Rosie's Quilt Company's web-site:
Schnibble: noun A scrap of fabric; a leftover bit of cloth; a small piece. The word has a German origin and is found primarily in German settlements in the Midwest."

How cute! I put 2 entries in the current giveaway for you, Jocelyn. Thanks for sharing "Picnic" with us! By the way, Jocelyn also has a nice blog. Check it out here.


free indeed said...

Thanks for explaining Schnibbles. I've seen them everywhere it seems and just figured it was the name of that basket pattern. Now that I know, I'd like to join a schnibble's challenge and make some of these smaller quilts myself....I'm never prepared at Christmas time!

Sue said...

I think Schnibbles is the word for the little quilts of scraps and Picnic is the name of that particular pattern. Check out Jocelyn's blog- lots of eye candy for you on there!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks so much for showcasing my "Picnic" Schnibbles and my blog. It's been so fun to take one pattern and see what everyone is doing with different fabrics. If you click on my A Year of Schnibbles box on my sidebar it will take you to Sherri's blog and the list of other quilters participating.