Monday, December 14, 2009

Mel's Christmas Trees

Here's another cutie from my niece, Dr. Melanie Hauser. Mel is my bestest quilting bud! She made this paper pieced Christmas wall hanging when she was living here in the Northwest. Mel hails from NJ, but went to Penn State, Oregon State, lived in KY and now is a chemistry professor at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake Iowa. She actually likes knitting better than quilting, but still gets the quilting bug now and then. This pattern is "Very Merry Christmas Trees" from Quilt Designs NW. Maybe, if we twist her arm, she'll send a picture of her latest prayer shawl- it's a beauty!

I have more pictures of her quilts in the gallery on my website. I'm not going to add her to the giveaway because she can have anything she wants if she just calls her dear, sweet, Aunt Susan. :-)

Melanie just moved to Iowa in August. This is her first winter there. She tells me that her back porch is doubling as an outdoor freezer- no need to keep the ice cream inside! I miss you, Mel- stay warm!


Patty said...

Very cute. i love the modern twist on the trees.

Melanie said...

Just a minor correction - I went to University of Oregon. Although the school I teach at now has a beaver mascot. I occasionally feel like a traitor :)