Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I have the nicest friends!

There's always a danger in doing a post like this because I'm likely to leave someone out.  But here goes....

In recent months, I have received some things from special people just because they wanted to give them to me.  Last night, my friend Julie gave me a couple of fat quarters (fabric) just because she thought I'd like them.  I love gifts like that!  I also love the in-tangible things that show you that someone cares.... things like phone calls and hugs (Paula gives the best hugs!)  I appreciate people who ask about my family or people who sit next to you at a meeting and say, "Hi... mind if I sit next to you?  I like it when people ask me how I enjoyed a trip, or ask me how my kids are doing, or notice that I got a haircut.  I try to learn from the things people do that make me feel loved, and I try to do those things for others. 

Here are a few photos of other things that make me smile. I have the best friends! 

The above photo is a necklace and bracelet my friend, Rebecca made.  This was one of those lovely surprises that was unexpected.  This wasn't a birthday gift or a gift for any other particular celebration.  It was just something she wanted me to have it.  (I love purple!)

Sorry for the fuzzy photo but this is pretty small and I wanted to blow it up to show you the detail.  My friend, Cindy, gave this to me.  Cindy and I are knitting buddies and she watched me knit socks for the past few years.  In fact, we met because of our mutual love of knitting socks.  We were in a yarn shop and she saw this, paid for it, and then came over and pinned it on me and gave me a hug.  It was "just because".

Last summer, my friend Suzan visited me.  We were out shopping and she wanted to give me something to thank me for having her as my house guest.  She started me on a Pandora charm bracelet.  The charm at the bottom that is hard to see in the photo is a friendship charm.  The other charms were gifts from other people.  I have another one that is not in the picture that commemorates a recent trip with my friend, Sandy.

This little butter crock has a hand painted base that depicts a lavender field.  My friend, Jean, saw this and it reminded her of me- so she bought it and gave it to me--- just because we're friends.  The trivet underneath was also a gift- it's pretty old and I have always liked it.

My friend, Liz, gave me a gift certificate to a ceramic studio.  She also gave one to a mutual friend of ours, Diane.  So the 3 of us went to the studio and made projects.  I painted this tray, then they glazed and fired it.  So cute!  And it reminds me of the day that Liz, Diane, and I spent together.  Underneath the tray is a table runner that another friend, Sandy, gave me.  She made this last December.

Last week, my garden club had a holiday luncheon.  We exchanged gifts and I received this one.  I enjoy my friends in the garden club, and this reminds me of the group.  Thanks to Kathy for the adorable planter!

 I just received this last night.  My quilt guild had a holiday party and gift exchange.  I'm not sure who made this lanyard.  It's batik with stamped quilting words and a pretty butterfly pin.  It reminds me of the wonderful friendships I have in the guild.

These are just a few things I was able to easily photograph and add to this post.  I am blessed with so many friends who do such nice things for me- it's impossible not to leave some out.  I treasure ALL of my friends- you know who you are!

Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and gifts that mark other holidays or events are so much fun.  But the thoughtful "just because" gifts are extra special.  I have the best friends!


Elizabeth said...

I think the unexpected gifts, given with love, are always the best.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful gifts and when I get a package from someone I have made friends with online, it warms my heart.