Wednesday, December 31, 2014

No-Reply comments

I'm so pleased to read your comments.  I love hearing from readers!  But I have tried to reply to several of you today, only to see that you are "no reply bloggers".  Now I respect the fact that you are entitled to your privacy!  Really, I do!  But I think that most "no reply" people don't realize that their settings are what they are.

I always try to send an email reply to everyone who comments to one of my blog posts.  (Sometimes I get overwhelmed, but I do try)..  If you commented and didn't hear from me, there's a good chance that you have your privacy settings such that I can't contact you.

SOOOOO..... if you win...... I can't send you an email!  This is ok with me, but if a no-reply person wins, I'll post their name in a blog post- and if they don't happen to see it and contact me in a few days, I'll have to select another winner.

Make sure I can reply to you.... or make sure you check back on ANY blog if you enter a drawing.

This is just a thought.... but if you really don't want your email address out there on the internet, and if you like to keep your email uncluttered, you might consider opening a different email account (a free one like yahoo or gmail or many others).  Then just keep that one for "junk" or newsletters and blog posts.  A lot of people do that. (Just make sure you check it once in a while, though!)


barbara woods said...

hate to have a giveaway and pull names like that, i just draw another name