Thursday, January 1, 2015

Magnetic Snap Application Tutorial

Ever wonder how to apply magnetic snaps to your projects?  It's a SNAP!

Lots of bags use magnetic snaps. These pictures demonstrate the use of magnetic snaps using the "Girlfriend Bag" by Among Brenda's Quilts.  Brenda graciously gave me permission to use her photos.

I plan to add some of the Among Brenda's Quilts bags to my shop, and I already have the Girlfriend Bag pattern on order.  If you are interested in any particular patterns, let me know.  Brenda has some great designs!

I don't have the snaps on my website yet, either (they're also on order).  But if you're having trouble finding these or any bag hardware, let me know and I'll do my best to help you find what you need.  I have a Handbag and Tote category on my website, and it will be expanding throughout the year.

The Girlfriend Bag is a cool design.  It uses 3 magnetic snaps.  One is used as the bag closure, and the other two are used on the sides.  You can leave the side snaps open, or closed, to change the look and functionality of the bag.  Gotta love it when your bag gets overloaded and you can just open the snaps and make it bigger!

 One side, with the snap open.

 Bag closure, shown open

 You'll need  ¾ inch magnetic snaps for this particular project.  Dritz makes them.

 .  Magnetic snaps have two halves and two washers.  Note that there is a male half and a female half.  (Insies and outsies!)

  Shown here for demonstration purposes, are two 4.5 inch squares basted to foam stabilizer, just like you'd do with the bag.

  Mark where you want the snap.  Center one of the washers over the mark on the fabric.  Using a Frixion pen, mark in the long slots to either side of center.  Repeat for the other fabric piece.

 You'll have a dot with two lines marked on each piece.  

 There are two ways to puncture the fabric.  Using an awl does not cut the threads of the fabric....

  ...snipping along the two lines with sharp scissors is easier but it does cut the fabric.  I usually snip. 

  To save wear and tear on the fabric from the edges of the magnet I like to cut small 1 inch squares of clear vinyl.  I center them over the marked lines on the fabric and trace those lines on the vinyl using a Sharpie marker.

  Next I fold the vinyl in half and snip along the lines using my sharp scissors. 

 The vinyl gets placed over the snipped area...

 ...and a snap is pushed through the holes to the opposite side.  In this case we are using an outsie.

 The washer is placed over the arms of the magnet.

 Then the arms are bend back using the ends of large scissors or a pair of pliers. 

 The unsightliness of the vinyl can be trimmed away so that just a little bit remains to protect the fabric from future wear and tear.

  Repeat this procedure for the other fabric piece using an insie. 

And presto you have completed a successful application! 


barbara woods said...

thanks, i have been afraid to to them, i bought the pieces but it had no info with it

Jackie's Stitches said...

Great tutorial! I've saved it for later - I know I have those magnetic snaps around here somewhere.

Needled Mom said...

Nice tutorial. I have't used them before.