Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Dozen Bags- 2009

The New Year has given me a brainstorm! I love handbags. I grew up in the northeast (Philadelphia). I always remember referring to the thing we girls drag around as a "pocketbook". When I moved to Texas in my 20's, the other women looked at me like I was crazy when I called it a pocketbook- they said, "You mean your purse?". (Somehow, the Texans managed to get two syllables out of p-u-r-s-e) So... I started calling it a "purse. When I moved to Oregon, I noticed that most women call it a "bag".... or maybe a "handbag", although I sometimes heard, "purse". But I haven't heard, "pocketbook" until I was talking to Andrea from New York a few weeks ago. She was going nuts looking through her "pocketbook" for a fat quarter I sent her and I was laughing. I had to tell her I wasn't laughing at her missing FQ, but the fact that I haven't heard "pocketbook" in YEARS! (She said, "What else would you call it?")

OK-- whatever you call it-- I just love to make, buy, and collect carrying containers of all shapes and sizes. So here's my New Year brainstorm: Let's make a bag a month on the blog! Every month, I'll make a new bag and blog about it. I'll find 12 totally different bags- knitted, quilted, or ??? You can make them along with me, or just read along. I'll tag each posting "A Dozen Bags" so you can search for them all together if you come in mid-year.

I'm going to start a few other series projects that you can work along with me this year, too. Stay tuned!

Speaking of projects- I'm still working on my Winter Project (AKA December project). Have no fear- you'll see more of it soon.


Melinda said...

What a great idea - I teach a bag class every month and love this idea. I think I will join you.

Sue said...

Thanks, Melinda! Glad to have you! I just checked out your blog- I LOVE the steno pad!