Monday, January 5, 2009

January Bag- Rows 10 and 11

When you get to rows 10 and 11, you come to the stitches that make the little poofy triangle part of the pattern. It's not hard- just a little odd if you've never done it before. In row 10, the pattern reads: "P7 wrapping yarn 3 times for each stitch". To do this, you are working 7 purls. But instead of inserting the needle, wrapping the yarn around it and purling the stitch off, you are going to insert the needle, wrap the yarn around the needle 3 times, and then purl it off. (I use my left thumb nail to "catch" the yarn against the needle as I do the 3 wraps- otherwise they tend to fall off). You'll end up with 7 triple loops on your right needle.
When you get to row 11, when you get to the triple loops, the pattern reads, "slip7 wyif dropping extra wraps, then insert left needle back into these 7 stitches and p7 tog". Don't panic! It's not as bad as it sounds! "wyif" means "with yarn in front". When you purl, the yarn is in front- so they are setting you up to do a purl. As you reach each of the triple wraps, slip them from the left to the right needle. They all come unraveled and you have one giant loop. Do this for all 7, and you'll have 7 giant loops on the right needle.
Take the 7 giant loops and put them on the left needle. Squish them all together and treat them as one loop- and purl them off all together. It feels awkward- but just do it. Trust me. They'll look a little tidy-er in a few rows.
By the time you do a few more rows, you will see the pattern develop. You might want to gently tug down on the whole piece and it will look better. Now you see why I want to line this thing! Yes- it's full of holes! Not to worry- just keep going. (remember- click on the picture to make it bigger).

Follow the pattern. When you finish the first 26 rows, go back and do rows 3-26 again. Mark each end (I just tie a piece of scrap yarn around the first and last stitch) and then do 3-11. You put the markers in to let you know how far up to sew the sides when you get to that point.

You'll have a total of 59 rows (rows 1-26, 3-26, 3-11) completed. There should be 51 stitches on your needle.


Nanabarb said...

Since I don't knit anymore, I decided to do a crocheted purse. No pattern, just designing it as I go. I'm using some vintage Beehive Scotch Fingering yarn. Scarlet is the main color, but it has black and white fibers scattered throughout. The accent is another tweedy black with green and red fibers. It's something to work on while watching reruns!

Sue said...

I'd love to see your bag when you get it done, Barb.