Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mel's Sparkly Stack n' Whack

I'm in Philadelphia visiting with family and I have the pleasure of sleeping under a wonderfully fun quilt that my niece, Melanie made for her sister. She used the Magic Stack N' Whack book (the first one, I think) for the pattern.
The print for the blocks was a stripe- I think it turned out really cute!
This was the first quilt Melanie ever machine quilted. She used a variegated thread on the print, and a metallic thread on the dark blue background.

So there you have it, my blog buddies! No excuses that special threads are difficult to work with. If a first time quilter can use metallic thread to do a queen-sized quilt on an older model home sewing machine- you, too, can be successful with any thread you choose!

Speaking of thread challenges- for you newer quilters out there- if you are struggling with thread skipping or breaking or generally mis-behaving, always try a new needle first. And if you are using old or poor-quality thread, that may be the problem. Before you try the more expensive fixes- change the needle and make sure you are using good thread. On more than one occasion, I have skipped the needle change because I THOUGHT the needle SHOULD be ok. Not smart. Just check the needle first.

Cute quilt, Mel!


Nanabarb said...

Swirling rainbows in a summer sky. She did a beautiful job. Barb

Sue said...

She promises to send me photos of her other quilts and I will put them in my gallery. She's made some very pretty ones.

Melanie said...

The silicone based stuff that you squirt on your thread ( I forget what it's called) really makes a HUGE difference when working with metallic threads. Also, using a metallic thread needle with a bigger eye is the important part. The quilting on the stars is invisible thread and the quilting around the edge border is glow-in-the-dark thread. It won 3rd prize for machine quilting in the Lane County Fair! - Melanie