Friday, January 16, 2009

January Bag- done knitting- now it's time to sew!

I finished the front and back of the bag and used the yarn and a big fat rounded point needle to sew the front to the back. To do that, I put the right sides facing, and stitched around, starting and ending at the stitch markers on the sides. So there is a little space at the top of the sides that is open. Then turn the bag right side out.
I took a fat quarter (I love this batik- and it just happens to be on my website). Laying the knitted bag out on top of a double layer of the fabric, as flat as I could, but not stretching it, I traced around the bag at about 1/4 inch larger than the bag.
Then it's a simple stitch around- to the same points where you stopped at the stitch markers on the knitting. Leave the lining inside out, because that's how you want to put it inside the knitted bag.

Two more steps before the handles go on. We're going to put a pocket in and press under 1/4 inch around the unstitched edges at the top. I didn't think of the pocket before I stitched around the lining. I just decided to add the pocket! You might want to hold off and read the pocket part and put that on before you close the lining up. You'll have an easier time with the pocket than I will. This is what happens when I get inspiration when I have a work in progress!