Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sad News about Kathy Sandbach

I just learned some sad news about one of the quilting world's bright stars, Kathy Sandbach. Kathy is suffering from Frontal Temporal Dementia and her children are selling some of her work to fund her care. She must have been a wonderful mother, because her children are standing by her in her time of need. I was touched to read that they are selling her quilts, not only to raise money, but also to put them in the hands of people who will cherish them. It's a way of spreading their mother's legacy. Learn more about Kathy's condition and how to help at C&T Publishing.

I have a friend who is suffering from frontal lobe atrophy and I know first hand how difficult it is to watch someone suffer from a disorder that manifests itself in gradual personality changes over several years. It's so hard to know if the behaviors are those of the person, or of the disease. By the time you realize that there is a problem, you've spend a lot of time being irritated with them for bizarre and sometimes hurtful behavior. They do things that are inappropriate or out of character and you don't understand why at first. When you realize it was not their fault, you feel guilty for having been angry... which of course was not your fault, either. It's really tough. My heart goes out to Kathy Sandbach's family, and to other families who are caring for loved ones who are suffering from similar disorders.

If you ever took a class from Kathy, or read one of her wonderful books on machine quilting, it would mean a lot to her family if you posted your thoughts by signing the guest book on C&T or on Kathy's old website.

This is a wonderful opportunity to thank our Maker that we have the ability to sit here and read and comprehend our favorite blogs.