Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Wanderings

Isn't this the cutest birdhouse you ever saw? It's kind if a bird condo for all sorts of birds. Way cool! There are bunches of these around the rest area near the beach at Cape May, New Jersey.
I was in Cape May for a day in June while visiting relatives in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Several people were fishing from the shore line and I was just relaxing in a chair with a sudoku book. zzzzzzzz........
Last weekend, my DH and I took a drive to Fort Clatsop, Oregon, where they have a re-creation of the camp where Lewis and Clark wintered. I love history.
And I found a surprise in the Fort Clatsop Visitor Center. There was a quilt made by school children to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Oregon. I couldn't stand far enough back to get a good photo, but you get the idea.