Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

WE HAVE POWER! Wow- what a difference a day makes! PGE gave us the best Christmas gift yet- they restored our power! Nothing like electricity and running water to make a holiday bright!

On this glorious Christmas morning, I am thankful....
... that the tree that fell landed on our front lawn and missed the house and cars (and people)
... that I can take a warm shower in my own bathroom this morning.
... that I can now see the beautiful lights on our Christmas tree.
... that I can flush my toilet without melting snow to do so (just had to throw that one in here).
... that I have a car with 4-wheel drive and a good set of chains (from Les Schwab, of course- my son works there).
... that the birds came to visit the suet feeder by my kitchen window every day during the storm and made me smile.
... that I am blessed with hobbies and interests that keep me excited and give me a great deal of pleasure.
... that I have met so many neighbors during the storm. (We've only lived here a year and a half). What wonderful people! People I never met came to the front door with storm-related news or questions. One even brought us cookies and treats on an ATV!
... that I have "met" dozens of wonderful customers this year through my business. I consider them new friends and I'm grateful that they have entered my life.
... that, even though we have been without power for 4 days, we had the shelter of a home and resources to weather the inconvenience. A little adversity makes one reflect on the abundance in our lives. I'm thankful for adversity- it makes the blessings glow even brighter.
... that my husband has a sense of humor. Believe me-- that was a gift this week!
... that I have so many friends. I couldn't begin to mention them all here- but I have to mention Sandy- the "sister" I never had.
... that I have been blessed with 2 wonderful sons, the 2 women they love, and the best husband in the whole world. All are healthy and happy.


Merry Christmas to all of you. I wish you all the good in life, all the happiness and joy that life can bring, and all that you seek in the following year. Thank you for reading my blog- I hope to write something that will cause you to smile in 2009.


JoAnne P. said...

Merry Christmas to YOU, Sue!

I'm so glad to hear that you got your power and water back for Christmas! What a relief, I'm sure!! Matchstick Marimba is almost done. Just a few more feet of binding to stitch, and a picture will be on its way.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2009!

Sue said...

I can't wait to see Matchstick Marimba done! FYI, Terry Atkinson designed the book that pattern is from (Allegro) and I follow her blog (Notes from Terry Ann). She has a nice blog. I carry a lot of her patterns on my website because they are so well written. And she's a nice lady, too!

Anonymous said...

A truly awesome Christmas gift-power. Fits the Christmas theme-God's powerful gift, his Son! Living without truly lets us know how really blessed we are. I've been busy making pillowcases for friends and grandkids. I just finished a casserole kimono for my best friend-she does a lot of potlucks, and I made a padded laptop case for my son. Lots of other small projects in the works and one big I can't wait to start. So many ideas and only 24 hours in a day (sigh!). Your Booga Bag is so cute with all the pins!

Sue said...

Thanks for posting Nanabarb. You surely have been busy! I'm doing some socializing today and tomorrow and then I promise to get back to blogland! Send me an email to and I'll send you a fat quarter. I made another boga bag- just need to felt it and get the handles on. Happy New Year!

Sue said...

I didn't say- when you send me an email, send me your mailing address, Nanabarb.