Sunday, December 21, 2008

Purple hat and fingerless mittens

OK- here's a post NOT related to the weather. No- wait- it IS related to the weather! All of this snow has inspired me to knit. On these cold winter days when I go down to my business/sewing studio area, it's COLD! It takes a while for the heater to warm things up and if I'm in a hurry to start sewing or cutting fabric, I wear fingerless gloves. I'm not a "hat person", but a friend of mine who is a doctor (Hi, Jeff!) keeps telling me to wear a hat to stay warm. He's right- it works. So I just wear a nice, warm sweater, a hat and fingerless gloves and I stay nice and toasty.

I love these mittens- I've made several pair. I got the pattern on Ravelry. I think I got the hat pattern on Ravelry, too. If you like to knit or crochet, and haven't yet discovered Ravelry, you're really missing a great resource. They have TONS of patterns for purchase and for free. The site also has wonderful people who will help and answer questions, as well as lots of amazing resources. What could be better on a winter afternoon than a cup of tea, a laptop, and a leisurly browse through a few hundred knitting patterns!