Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More knit finishes....

I've done a lot of sewing in the past week, but I need to take pictures.  So for today, I'll just show you some more knit finishes from recent months.

I do a lot of test knitting for a designer friend of mine.  Her designer name is VeryBusyMonkey and you can buy her patterns through Ravelry.  A while back, she designed a series of 4 little shawls inspired by gardens.  I love them all!

Alpinarium Shawl is made with Serenity Yarn in the Salt Water Taffy colorway.  It's a blend of Alpaca, Merino and Tencil and it's ooooooo so soft!  Available through Knitter's Brewing Company.

The second one is called the Knot Garden Shawl.  I made it with Achilles in the Pumpkin Moonlight colorway.  Achilles is merino wool with just a tiny bit of nylon for strength.  It's available through Barking Dog Yarns and is beautifully hand-dyed one skein at a time.

This is the Orchard Shawl.  I bought this beautiful kettle dyed yarn on vacation in Lancaster, PA a couple years ago and I lost the ball band so I can't tell you more about it.  I do remember that it's Merino.  Beautiful color!

And the last one in the series is the Border Garden Shawl.  I had a little trouble getting the color right in the photographs on this one.  It's a beautiful deep red-burgundy color with a hit of purple.  The yarn is hand-dyed by Abstract Fiber and is their Merino Silk in the Cosmopolitan colorway.  It has a beautiful drape.

I tend to wear these shawls as scarves.  They do drape over the shoulder, but I like the look of them scrunched around my neck.  They really do keep me cozy on cold days!  I need to remember to wear the last one (Border Garden) on Valentine's Day. :-)