Monday, January 5, 2015

Some Recent Knits

I thought I'd do a little catch up and show you some things I've knit that I missed posting here on the blog.  I'll show a few here and there until most of them are on here.

I do a lot of test knitting for VeryBusyMonkey, a popular sock and shawl designer.  Last summer, she ran a mystery Knit-Along on her Ravelry group.  She had two patterns- one for a pair of socks and one for a shawl.  Both were released as a series of clues- one per week until the pattern was complete.  It was very popular and lots of people anxiously awaited the clues each week.

"Clue Socks".  The yarn I used for the socks was dyed by Hazel Knits.

And here is the "Clue Shawl".  This yarn is by "Crave Yarns".  It's 50/50 Merino wool and Silk.  It's sooooo soft and luxurious and drapes beautifully. 

And a couple more pairs of socks:  These are designed by Valerie Hobbs, called "Lazy Day Socks".  The yarn is Achilles by Barking Dog Yarns in the "Siesta" colorway.

 And last but not least, this is another pair designed by VeryBusyMonkey.  The pattern is "Centrifugal Force Socks.  I must admit that I lost the yarn band and I forget exactly what the yarn is.  I think it was dyed by "Miss Babbs",

I'm on a hat and mitten binge now.  I'll show you some of those another time. :-)

And I always put a plug in for Ravelry when I post photos of my knitting.  If you're a knitter (or if you crochet), you HAVE to check out Ravelry!.  It's not optional- you just HAVE to do it!  My user name in Ravelry is SueHauser.  Everything I've knitted in the past 4 years is documented on my project page on Ravelry.  It's kinda scarey- I have over 200 projects on there!  I wish there was something like that for quilters.  I'm guess that's where the blog comes in!  I'm working on binding my Tradewinds quilt.  You 'll see that soon.


Judy S. said...

Awesome socks, Sue! I love them all, and the shawl is wonderful, too. I've missed seeing your knitting projects and should've checked Rav. But it's way more fun reading your blog. Now to check out VBM! Her patterns look amazing.