Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Dozen Bags 2009- February Bag

It's time to make our February bag! This one will be super fast and easy-a LOT faster than the January Bag. I found a great FREE PATTERN on the Lazy Girl Designs site. I love Lazy Girl! She has some great bag patterns. I picked up some new Lazy Girl patterns and will be adding them to the website soon. This free bag pattern is for a simple tote bag. It just takes one yard of fabric, and you can make it in one easy sewing session. So download the pattern by clicking on "free Pattern" above and let's get started!

I always hate it when someone says I should be able to finish a block or a project in one hour and it takes me three hours. It makes me feel like a remedial quilter. I've been sewing for 40 years and I own a quilt shop and I'm never the first person to finish a project. So.... I'm estimating that it should take most people about an hour to make this bag. But if you're watching tv or have to use the bathroom or get a phone call... or if you're me.... it might take you and hour and a half or 2 hours. Either way- it's quick and easy.

To prepare your fabric, pre-wash if you want to. Then give it a good pressing and trim the edges so that they are nice and straight. You want to end up with a piece of fabric that is 36 inches long by the width of the fabric, which should be about 44 inches. Trim off the selvages and cut 4 inches off one of the selvedge edges for the handle. You just need one strip that is 4" x 36" for the handles (you'll cut it later). The remaining piece should be about 36" x 40". Fold it in half (right sides facing) so that it measures 36" x about 20".

For the handles, fold the long strip in half then open it up and fold the edges into the center fold. Then fold on the original fold line. This makes a long piece that is 4 pieces of fabric thick. Stitch along the open edge, very close to the edge. Then cut it in half, giving you (2) 18-inch handles.
Stitch around the 3 open sides of the main handbag, leaving an opening to turn.
Cut a 2 inch square from each corner.

More tomorrow!