Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mel's T-Shirt Quilt

My niece, Dr. Melanie Hauser sent me a picture of her latest quilt. She had some great t-shirts that were taking over her closet and she decided to put them to better use. It's a rag quilt with the snipped frayed edges. We just love to do rag quilts. One year, Mel and I made rag quilts for each other. We both wanted one but didn't think we'd ever get around to making ourselves one, so we made them for each other that year for Christmas! This one is t-shirts and jeans on the front, and I think she used flannel on the back to give the "rag" effect on the front. This is soooo cute, Mel! Thanks for sharing the pics with me. (I put it in the gallery on the website, too).


~Q~ said...

what a great idea - I have a t-shirt quilt my mom made using t-shirts from a camp that I attended growing up. It brought back memories of that quilt and the desire to pull it out again. I just finished my first rag quilt a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it.