Friday, February 20, 2009

Frosting clowns and flowers

Here's the latest from my cake decorating class. I'm taking a cake decorating class with my daughter-in-law, Cady. I've only made basic cakes before this- nothing fancy. We're having a lot of fun and our efforts are appreciated by all the people who are getting our cakes!

I promised to show you a picture of my clowns. Don't you love those fingers? Wouldn't they be cute sitting on top of cupcakes?

These are my first attempts at flowers. A few of the roses even look like roses! The great thing about flowers is that even if a flower doesn't look like it's supposed to, it looks pretty. We're letting the icing harden on these and we'll use them on a cake next week.


Barbie said...
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Anonymous said...

Sue, I think these are all so beautiful! You are so talented! JoAnne P.